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Memorial Pathway Academy Middle School Reviews

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This school is amazing! The teachers are great. They care so much about your education and your life after high school. The counselors are so hands on with your credits and getting you where you need to be.
Memorial Pathway helped me to graduate high school when it seemed there was no hope that I could. I was only 16 years old, living on my own and severely depressed. I had dropped out of high school yet again, and had no motivation to return this time. When I discovered Memorial Pathway could put me on a fast paced and thorough graduation plan, I was interested, but still had no motivation. I went ahead to make the appointment to meet with admissions, and at the end of the appointment I was in tears because I was finally going to graduate! And a whole year ahead of schedule! I got enrolled and they worked with my work schedule so I could work and go to school. Every single teacher I had made sure all the topics in the chapter and lesson were understood before we moved on. And they made sure that I made perfect scores on everything I turned in, resulting in me graduating with accumulative 3.0 GPA.
I appreciate how Niche gives scholarships that we can apply to that aren't just on their website. Also reviewing colleges that I was interested in was much easier than any websites I could've looked at.
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They may not be the best but they certainly are giving the students their all.
This school is the best when it comes to allowing students to come in and go at their own pace. The teachers are helpful and encouraging.
I don't know much about the clubs and organizations but the administration support was very helpful from enrolling to graduation.
As with the last question i do not believe i attended this school long enough to judge this.
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