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Memorial Parkway Elementary School Reviews

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Memorial Parkway creates a family environment by providing activities for the whole family during and afterschool. Parents can have lunch with their kids daily, or invite a grandparent on grandparents day. Parents can volunteer in several capacities and Dads can be Watch Dogs for a day. Afterschool events include spirit nights at different restaurants, skate parties and fundraising events.
There is a lot to offer at Memorial Parkway. There are many ways for kids and families to get involved or participate in school events. Some events include Math night, Reading night, Technology night. Also, extracurricular events to include skating night. They have teamed up with local restaurants for spirit night events and fundraising opportunities. You really feel that the community rallies around the school.
Memorial Parkway teachers are extremely excited about teaching and have genuine love for the kids. Each classroom is like a big family with teachers and parents work together help the children succeed and have fun. Communication resources, like Remind, helps everyone to stay in touch. Questions and concerns are quickly resolved. My son is in the Two-Way Immersion program where learns in both English and Spanish. I absolutely love that they have 2 separate teachers who are each native speakers in the language they teach in. The Spanish teacher incorporates several teaching styles and techniques to help the native English children learn Spanish quickly and seamlessly. And the native English speaking teacher does the same for the Spanish speaking children.
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The principal's kid is a bully.
The principal's kid is horribly behaved, the register never answers her phone or returns calls, teachers have been known to use exercises as punishment.
I can't wait for my child to leave this school.
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