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Memorial Middle School Reviews

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MMS is a good school buy I would love to see more .The food could be better the teachers could be more respectful. I would love to see credit given out.
Memorial Middle School was the best school ever ! The principal was involved with us and rewarded the students who had honor roll and straight A's on Report Cards every 9 weeks which eventually motivated the whole school to bring their grades up.
this school was ok they did not have high school classes i wanted to take high school classes
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it's a ok school not the best
They have the stem program which is really helpful.
They don't really help solve bullying because all they will do is put you on a no contact contract no matter how bad it is and they think that'll solve it meanwhile it doesn't.
Their after school activities is weak but they have Dream Academy which actually help the students.
Overall, the school is not challenging at all. The staff is sometimes disrespectful and violent. I wouldn't choose this school because it's not a challenging and it's not a safe place because it has a lot of bad influences.
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