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Memorial Middle School Reviews

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Teachers were great, as well as the administration very sweet people. They took bullying and vaping very seriously and always dealt with it in the best manner. Athletics were good,but little variety.
I had a blast at Memorial Middle School. The classes were a ton of fun; I made some of my best friends I have kept to today, and we have so many good memories that we still laugh about.
Amazing middle school! Not too hard to fit in.. easy making friends ! (And that’s from a shy girl ) I’d say the only set back is the school lunches... but the admins DO allow kids to bring their own lunch.
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The majority here in terms of race are asians or white.
Most teams are a no-cut sport. There could be better involvement though.
The administration and policies are fine from a student's perspective.
Overall the resources and facilities of Memorial Middle School are very nice.
95% of the people who live around here do it for the school. And many parents would give an arm and a leg to trade places with them.
I was lucky enough to find my own little niche in the school. If you are not one of the lucky ones, your school experience will be dampened by 40%
Our hot lunches change daily, but baked potatoes, salads, pizza, and sandwiches are an everyday option.
There are multiple clubs and organizations at our school, but they are not actively participated in. But our after school tutorials are widely popular as it provides a small scale learning environment with the teacher.
The teachers are okay. Some tend to be biased towards other students, and Star Awards, a program that has the teachers choose a "star student", doesn't help.
It doesn't have any particular bullying issues. In fact, there is a program against drugs, bullying, the likes required for at least one year. To my knowledge (as a student who'd taken the course) it is taken somewhat seriously by my peers. The only real risk is emotional/not fitting in with the crowd.
They have a variety of athletics and then regular physical education for those kids who do not wish to participate in sports.
The building is old but they have maintained it and it has all the newest technology.
They are very aware of things going on campus and they are very proactive
They have an international club
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The nurse is excellent. The principal communicates with parents of any issues or problems. They take time to inform parents of what is happening on and off campus. They send us alerts on inappropriate apps that they are seeing.
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