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Memorial Middle School Reviews

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I've been to Memorial Middle School for 3 years. I've met cool teachers, met new and interesting people, and I get to take challenging classes. The architecture was beautiful with a nice brick exterior. The lunchroom was spacious and had good food. And, it had an elegant window ceiling that you can view the sky from. I liked the school.
Memorial middle school was a nice pinpoint in my life but I wouldn't go back to middle school if my life depended on it. Overall, the teaching was adequate.
The school is pretty athletic.There are a lot of good options for students.
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Peer pressure is heavy at this school but its not always for negative things. Everyone has their own clique that they hang out with. Everyone has a 'if you don't talk like us, or look like us, or act like us, you can't sit with us' kind of attitude.
The most popular after school programs are tutoring that the teachers provide.
The school is average when it comes to facilities and such.
Don't get me wrong. Who doesn't like pizza and fries? But it gets disgusting if it's available every day of the week. Of course, there are other lunches available, but those are either uncooked hotdogs and hamburgers, or browned salad. There is a vending machine but faculty and staff doesn't allow students to use it during school hours.
The academics at this school are pretty good. The teachers try their best to help us learn. they accommodate all learning types and go out of their way to make sure we understand the material. They give a good amount of homework not too much, but enough to help us practice.
This really is a great school. I've had a lot of fun experiences here.
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