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Memorial Junior High School Reviews

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It is super boring and easy. They have lots of activities but the lunch is nasty and we learn useless things. Right now we are about to write an essay on something we want to learn how to do and then present it to the class. Then again I’m the best in the track classes and I just hate school.
Great place, made amazing memories and good friends. Teachers are cool people and facilities are above average. Clubs were a lot of fun, school for sure shaped me into who I am.
There needs to be more communication to the parents if timing is changing. Add more diverse clubs
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There were a lot of teachers that took interest.
I have seen bullying and have been bullied. In order to have this stopped it is up to the individual to let the staff know, but sometimes a person can feel intimidated and then will not share.
The school has some great teachers and some not so great like any other school. I always make the best out of situation and out my all into it because it is my education any my learning that is one the line. I seen help when help is needed inside and outside the school. I would choose the school because they now did a bit of a over haul and it seems to be of better quality with the teaching.
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