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As long as you stay active within the school community and take advantage of the school’s difficult courses, Memorial is an amazing school!
Memorial was below average. Nothing special, definitely not college prep. Lots of favoritism in everything. Bad in sports. The only good things are letting you out for lunch and having special programs like acting and dance. Strangers get into the school frequently. It's very hot in the summer. They give you lots of problems when registering.
Great school with great opportunities to get a head start for college. The school offers AP classes as well as college credit courses from Kean, Syracuse, and Hudson County Community College.
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As an incoming senior at Memorial High School, I reminisce about the first time I ever stepped a foot in the school. My experience has been full of extravagant memories and opportunities. Memorial High School is a school full of diversity and that is what I love about it. The opportunity of being exposed to various different people and cultures enables me as a person to build character and be able to understand what everything each person and their culture have to offer to the world. Although I am beyond grateful with the school I currently attend, schools are not perfect. I would like to see my school incorporate more access to computers as well as inform us more about colleges and scholarship opportunities.
Memorial Highschool Might not be one of the greatest schools but My experience here was one of the best. Teaching wise they are really good with a great Math department but the science department needs some help. The system could change a bit in the scheduling process since many where unavailable to graduate because many required classes where not taken and it should be up to the counselors to guide the students to graduate but if that would change it would be great.
Most teachers try to help you as much as they can there are some that actually try to prepare you for the real world and are very understanding. I've had some rough times in this school but overall I had a great experience by joining sports and being in the Performing Arts Academy.
What I really like about Memorial high school is the diversity it has. There are students from almost all over Latin America, and I personally like that, because it is fun seeing when all of them come together for a game or just a normal activity in an everyday school day. You also get to know almost every school due to the size of the school and get to make many friends that basically turn into your family. Yout teachers also get very close to you and help you individually if you need to.
I chose Memorial High School because it felt like home. I had the option of going to two other high schools, but when I walked through those doors, I knew I made the right choice. Memorial may not be considered prestigious, but what matters is what you make of it. I made the most of everything Memorial offered. Because of my hard work and the support of my school, I will be attending an Ivy League University in the fall.
The school spirit is incredible, you can feel the tiger pride when it comes to activities, sports, and events. There are clubs, and things you can spend your time on.
Overall, the four years in Memorial High School were great! The school may look old and rusty however, you can not judge a book by its cover. The faculty and teachers were always prepared, they all worked well as a team when preparing big events and always showed a postive attitude. Memorial High School is known for the student’s pride as a whole, whether in the football games or special events, we all came together as a school to support each other and have a great time. I’m proud of being a Memorial Tiger!
While some teachers are great with students and caring for the pupils' grade, most are not. It would be nice to see a change in teachers attitudes concerning the student's hard work. Also, juniors and seniors should have a greater exposure to college preparedness. Most students are first generation and have no idea when or how to begin researching colleges as well as applying for scholarships, financial aid and summer programs that could be beneficial when applying to college.
I liked all the english teachers I had and they offer some interesting classes that were fun to take. However, I would like to change their sweater policy.
I like how teacher help students in their lunch hours, even though they dont have to. what Memorial should improve its facility.
Memorial High School definetly helps me if I am ever in doubt, emotionally or academically. Staff make sure we are aware about college and what we need in order to succeed.
Good school but needs more improvement and dedication from the students. It needs more investment for better classes and preparation.
Memorial High School was ok. During my four years there, there were plenty of clubs to join, but I wasn't necessarily ready for college. They just recently added engineering courses and it would have been really helpful if it was there when I was there. The counselors are nice, but they don't help much. I almost couldn't graduate because I was suppose to take a certain elective that I had no idea about. The staff is nice, but a lot of students lack motivation. Also, there ware way too little pre-calculus classes. If you weren't the top student, it was hard to get into any upper level math classes.
I entered Memorial High School in September 2014. I had graduated 8th grade from a Catholic school in a nearby town. At first, I had not been exposed to so many different ethnicities and backgrounds. I had culture shock, even though I came from another town. I was in a school with no more than 500 students enrolled, we all knew each other's names and we were all friends. The amazing thing about Memorial High was the sense of family. My teachers had a huge impact on my academic career. I entered high school with some problems at home, and school was the one thing I would look forward to every morning. I was never a straight "A" student prior to my high school career. I entered Memorial High School, and I immediately excelled. All of my teachers saw a potential in me and when I saw my Final Grades for freshman year- I started believing it too. My four years at Memorial High School have mentally and physically prepared me for college and my future endeavors.
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I loved going to school for most of my high school career. I am a very hard working student and I feel like I made the best out of my time in high school by excelling to my fullest potential with the material that the school had to offer. I was ranked top 10 out of my senior class of roughly 480 students. However, I did not feel like I was absolutely prepared for college one hundred percent since I did not learn a lot of prerequisite material that I was required to understand before I took the tremendous leap from high school to college. I still love my high school and hope to go back one day to share some of my knowledge in mathematics and science.
My overall experience was good. I wish teachers would be less of friend and teacher more. I wish they would better assist students with the college enrollment process.
I love memorial because its anti-bully and you can be anyone and act anyway. The food is very healthy and even the vending machine is. The thing that has to change is that they need to fix the tracks and the air conditioning because in the summer it's really hot.
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