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I have gone to memorial since 9th grade. I love being a charger. My favorite thing is their J.R.O.T.C. program. Very enjoyable experience.
The teachers are very helpful, great teachers that love to cherish there students and the students are like family. Honestly, I wouldn't pick any other high school
Memorial is a very good school, I love everything about it. Both the teachers and support staff are amazing. When you walk down the hallways in the morning at least three people will say good morning to you. Academically Memorial is also very good, all of the teachers really care about helping their students do the best they can.
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I had a nice time in high school, my teachers cared about me, a had great friends, and the administration actually has a relationship with students rather than sitting in the background. However, I do feel that sometimes the students don’t have a voice because of certain events that may happen and I really wish this could change.
What I loved about Memorial was that it taught me how to stand out from children of my age, it had so many different groups that many people were allowed to be in so no one was left out, and that it taught me how to mature and grow into the young adult I am today. What I would like to see differently is more Advanced Placement classes in the school. As of myself, I was in Advanced Placement classes, but I would like for them to add more so students can be all-rounded students, and get more looks from colleges.
Teacher's try to get you ready for the world. Some teacher need to work on helping their IEP students better. Help the students a way they can understand.
I've been going to Memorial High School since my freshman year and I've had a pretty good experience. The only thing that I would want to change from a student's perspective is that students should have the choice to wear uniform or not. I know financially some students can't quite afford clothes to last them all year, but there's also a sense of expression when you can actually choose what you can wear.
Memorial High School is a very good school, The sports and activities are great, the teachers are excellent at what they teach, and the pep rallies are amazing. I would recommend this school to many others middle schoolers.
My experience was amazing. All of my teachers were helpful and my counselor was willing to assist me 24/7. I made lots of friends who were on the same path as me; being successful.
Overall, it's a good school. The teachers are nice, bullying is almost non-existent, and the college prep is amazing.
One thing I like is that there are teachers who are willing to help you not only with classwork, but also with college and career advice. There are also plenty of academic opportunities for those who seek them.
Memorial high school is a good school , yet it has its flaws. I was going to memorial my freshman and part of my sophomore year. I came back my senior year and it's some what different. Students don't get one on one time with the teachers cause there are a lot of students. My graduating class size is like 300. Not including all the other grades that are in my classes. I hate the uniforms. I don't understand how that is supposed help the school system. Uniforms are actually way more expensive than regular clothes. Especially if you want them to meet the requirements for school. We're not allowed to wear any other jacket but the memorial hoodies. Not everyone can afford them. I bought one cause I was getting tired of staff telling me to take off my PLAIN gray hoodie. If we don't have free or reduced lunch and we don't have enough money on our account, they won't let us eat. Obviously we're hungry. Obviously we're going to pay our bill. You can't just not let us eat.
I am a senior at Memorial, and I have loved it. I am in all advanced classes. Math and science teachers here seek to prepare you for college. English teachers do not teach about the mechanics of English. I am part of the robotics team, marching band, and academic bowl team. I have seen a few fights, but have never been involved in one. I have never been bullied.
My experience at Memorial was, not great, but also not horrible. The Tulsa Public System is flawed in more than one way. The only thing the head cares about is getting their money from the government then denying the fact that there is money. In my 4 years there I have noticed their curriculum is made to help us (the students) become good test takers yet the teachers don't show us how to become a good test takers, what is the point in testing if you don't know how to test? And why test students when test are scientifically proven to not work? The only reason I give this school a 3 out of 5 is because I know there are teachers that work there who actually want to teach, not just test our test taking skills.
The music program while I attended there was phenomenal. Dr. Armstrong and Mr. Miller shaped my experience there. There were also truly fantastic teachers who cared about the students regardless of their abilities to help provide for the class.
No matter the difficulty or workload of the class, there is always staff available and willing to help out.
All students are very accepting about culture, race, religion, and any other diverse related issues.
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The large selection of extracurricular activities cater to the diverse group of students.
They are fantastic! They definitely connect well with the students.
It is a wonderful community
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