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Memorial High School Reviews

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My experience at Memorial was amazing I felt safe and the teachers were really nice and made us feel like we could trust them.
The STEM program that is offered is amazing. We have gone to state and stayed over night there. It really prepared me for university.
I really liked the teachers they really try to explain the subject they’re teaching & make you feel comfortable to reach them for help. I did not like how strict the school is with policies.
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I enjoyed the fact that many of the teachers at Memorial were very flexible with their teaching styles and were willing to try new things in the classroom. I feel that the school could have taken part in more activities that would allow the students to interact with others besides the people in their cliques.
Memorial High school, in my opinion is a good school. There are not as many options as other schools, as we are a low- income school, but all the teachers do their best and it is an overall good school.
The teachers really try for their students but the students don't seem to care. I believe the teachers make it to easy to pass the students at times. This isn't going to benefit the students in the long run when they go off to college. The faculty at Memorial try to make it a safe environment to learn but the students don't always seem to follow instructions. There are a few good students that try and excel at Memorial.
Being a student athlete here has given me great pride as i now bleed red,white, and blue( School colors).
Memorial has good teachers but the students don’t feel motivated to work. Most students don’t want to be at school and prefer to be at home sleeping. I believe that by motivating students through incentives and rewards, the students would work with the teachers to achieve better grades and enhance scholarly skills in order to be successful in college.
The school had or still has alot of problems with staff and student behavior. it was slowly getting better when i was in my senior year but how teachers came and went before the year was over was wierd. plus there were some cases where teachers just gave up. it wasnt all bad though, some teachers stick with it and are pretty cool
Truthfully, memorial high school is your stereo typical inner city school. Students were never really engaged, teachers show lack of enthusiasm and willingness to give 100% to teach students no matter the cost. When attending a school such as Memorial high school, one has to be self-motivated because resources are limited, instructors are not very helpful at times, and overall moral is woeful.
Memorial High School is a campus with a lot of potential. The majority of students are hardworking individuals. The school could be better if the teachers cared more about the students.
Memorial High School is Okay. They really do care about bettering their students. But Memorial does have issues, such as, the property is constantly full of trash. The buildings are full of mold. Desks are breaking. Ceiling tiles are broken and lights are constantly dimmed.
My experience at Memorial was memorable because I made myself be involved with sports and clubs. As for the faculty was good all around though some teachers were iffy.
Being a student at memorial high school has its advantages and disadvantages. Most teachers are willing to help any students that need the help . Some are even willing to help students that aren't even in their class. Food here has gotten better over the years but still isn't great. Most students get along but then there are those students that think they are better than everyone else and just don't care about school. Administrators are always on the look out to make sure everyone is in class and not skipping. Teachers are very respectful and get along well with students. Although that is true, students don't always do the same. Many try to be a class clown and just end up getting in trouble. The education is great but the students are not so much.
I've been going there since 2013, it is an alright school, not the best. They do give you free school supplies, and I love the fine arts as well.
Teachers are workable with. Some more than others. Teachers assign plenty of homework and expect it done within a day. It can be pretty over whelming but they have high expectations. The popular classes will consist of the electives.
Students that are enrolled in this school are very diverse. There is a lot of peer pressure but mostly acceptance. Not many challenges with the diversity of races or the sexual orientation of students.
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The extra curricular activities are taken very seriously because we are trying to stop looking easy against other schools. We work hard for us to gain other schools respect. Out teams, clubs, and other organizations really put their all into it and really try to stand out while competing. There is a variety of different things you can do, and students only join if they are really interested.
I would chose this school again because as I student athlete, you see all the potential and work the athletes put in and work for. Many don't expect this school to come up from the bottom, but with more time, support. And effort we'll get where we want to be.
Some teachers put more effort than others. Many don't adjust to the way certain students may learn. Teachers do certain things how they want and don't really try helping students struggling if most of the class understands the topic. Some teachers are not consistent with grading, but other grade every day.
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