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I love my high school! There is just so much to do around the campus whether its clubs, sports, or just simple activities. The teachers are excellent as well and want you to do better in the classroom.
Some of the many things I enjoyed at Memorial High School were the teachers, some were very nice, and some wanted to help you succeed. One of the things I would like to see differently is the students, the students need to be more involved with activities such as pep rallies and games.
What I would like to see change would be how unorganized Memorial is. More organization better teachers. Memorial High School should help their seniors apply for scholarship, show them how to do Financial Aid & etc.
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I love memorial high school , its a good school but it needs improvement academic wise. They focus on the wrong things.
My overall experience with MHS was amazing. From the four years of me attending MHS they've always promoted academic excellence. They are the reason I am the person I am today.
Memorial is a real good school, I like the fact that the teachers are involved and always there for the kids. At times, it does become difficult for the teachers to teach knowing that the kid can sometimes be a pain, but other than that the school is really really good..
It's a district that would benefit greatly from change and from more diversity among the staff. It would be great if the majority of the district didn't forgive the lack of certification from the staff simply because they've known each other for so long. It would also be great if funds were more evenly distributed among all the clubs and organizations and if more importance was given to academics and not sports, if student athletes were held to the same standards as everyone else and not allowed to skate by or be given extra chances to make up grades simply because they decide to put sports before their education while others actually put in effort and don't get the same benefits.
I've been attending Memorial for the past three years and it's been an interesting experience. There's a lot of ups and downs. Some ups are that there's teachers and staff that really care about your education and future and there's a lot of different extracurricular activities to join at school and some downs are that the environment may feel cramped because of how many people go to the school and not all teachers try to help students reach their potential
I graduated from Memorial High School in 2017. I was in the band at Memorial High school. The sports there is very good. We went to the playoffs for Football and recently won State for Basketball. I had an overall good experience at Memorial High School.
Memorial High School is a great school. The Members do there best to protect & welcome all students. The food is average, although they could add some hot wings to the menu. The football, basketball, and track our outstanding and never shows mercy regardless of the outcome. Teachers are great and they always help out when your in need.
Memorial was a pretty good school only because the students in it were welcoming, when it comes to the staff there could be some improvements. The counselors were never in their office, so most students were not college ready.
Memorial is essentially somewhat normal. It is bit a unorganized, however, the experiences you get there will never be forgotten.
My experience with Memorial High School, is satisfying. We have a lot of school spirit when it comes to our sports. The teachers actually teach everyday, and counselors and administrators are ready to help.
At Memorial High School every student is humble about what they want to be in life. Teachers help the students get to where they want. Especially in sports, each student that do a sport they get a scholarship from a college that they want to attend because the administration teachers that work there, help us get to where we want.
My experience at Memorial High School has been a very memorable one. Due to the school being so diverse, I've met many different people that have impacted my life one way or another. My teachers play a big role on my experience there also. Whether it's because they made it easier for me by staying after school to help me better understand the lesson or making my life harder by piling me with assignments. What I like most about my school is, they offer as much help as they can distribute. Although I feel that they should work on getting qualified teachers in certain subjects.
My experience is great at memorial, environment is alright, minor things that need to be worked on. Test scores are excellent, also the sports environment is great .
Pretty good school but, focuses too much on sports and not academics. Doesnt really prepare anyone for college.
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consolidated school. majority african american and hispanic population. sports are great. academics average. teacher involvement average. good school. you get what you learn.
Memorial did not prepare me for college I'm learning as I go. I am teaching here and the students are not prepared. The teachers are trying their best but, too many students not willing to learn. Overall it's a learning experience and I'm looking for a far better college experience. Yes
I believe the memorial high school has a great school for me a great experience . if I would change something I would change the way how teachers talk to students because I feel like it was alot of disrespect towards them and everyone wanted to be a Cheif and no one wanted to follow and try to help I didn't care for some other issues but it was okay. i mainly just did my work and left.
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