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Memorial High School has a vibrant environment. It is filled with bright students and athletes that are competitive, out-going, and intellectual. Most teachers go out of their way to help you with extra advice and tutoring. Something that can change is having a better facilitated working environment. The school is run-down and compact. The people would be working at a more efficient rate.
becoming a mustang was one of the best decisions of my life. Being on the memorial swim team really rounded me as a human being. Not only did being on a team teach me how to work hard for the things that I really want in order to achieve them, it taught me how with team work, nothing is impossible. Over the past four years that I have been affiliated with the memorial swim team, I have established and created memories that no one else will be able to be apart of except for those on the team. With being on the team, not only did I make friendships that will last a lifetime, I made incredible bonds with people I would have never thought I would become great friends with. I am glad to consider my teammates my best friends and overall, I give memorial high school five stars.
Great atmosphere, easy learning, hard working students and teachers! Anyone can make friends easily and still come out with a great education
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i am currently a senior , class of 2019, and i personally, in my opinion, think its a great school. so diverse, many different cultures and the atmosphere is good and well. the teachers and administrators are wonderful.
Memorial High School was my home school which has a very diverse cast of students and teachers. The staff are nice and helpful to the students which creates a nice environment. There are a lot of student organized clubs and UIL clubs as well which have competed and won many awards. The fine arts teachers were all very nice, especially my choir teachers. The teachers took time to know everyone and were very friendly.
I graduated from memorial and it was a school that tried its best to help student with the funds that they had. They do a lot to help students with college readiness and it is very admirable.
There is a very good teacher to student connection. I would not have changed the experience and the memories I had with memorial high school for anything in the world. The school gives each student the dedication and commitment to achieve there goals, over all memorial high School was great.
Having gone there for all of high school, I can say that the teachers were the best part of my experience, being my mentora for all I did. I would hope for more interest to be given to fine arts, because it would help distinguish the school culture.
I love the spirit at Memorial and the way we hold our standards across the campus whether it's amongst the factuality or the students. I would love to see the fine arts program become more recognized as that was a fault I saw every year as a part of the band.
Come to a consensus with girl sports for crying out loud!
Weight lifting is not meant for every sport either! When you speak to college coaches, they have said not all sports MUST DO weights!
Memorial High School was an overall good experience, featuring great, motivated teachers. The only downside is some of the kids in your classes are not always motivated, inevitably leading to some class disruptions.
What i liked about Memorial High School is that they really get involved in school spirit and support all the clubs and sports during competitions and will always help the students every day.
It had a great sports program. It is very different being part of a team when your school's expectations are to be the best. They taught me discipline and reslieance.
I liked the overall environment McAllen Memorial High School provided me for my four years as a student. Everything was made easy and quick to access such as tutoring, events, opportunities, and much more. I’m glad I was able to attend this school because I truly liked going, to see the same teachers back, my friends around me, the principal and assistant principals greeting us each and every morning. It was a great feeling to be wanted at a school, it made me want to learn in the classroom each and every day and become better than the day before.
People are really nice. I've had amazing teachers for the most part. Staff that don't participate in the classrooms can be a little annoying. I feel like they are unfair to our teachers.
Overall I had a great experience at Memorial High School I just wished they had more technologically based classes like programming for apps/games
Great staff, very committed to their students and engaging in their academic performance. Diverse school, always committed to student's excellence. Will not tolerate unacceptable behavior. Dress code is enforced at all times.
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Im a student at Memorial High School it is my first year and so far it has been great. Teachers try to get all students to get involved on any subject they are teaching.
Overall amazing school. Has capability to improve on their system to help students achieve a better success rate.
What I liked about memorial high school was the teachers because they were kind and strict when they had to be; they were also very flexible with tutoring, and helpful towards students that missed a day and needed to make up work. Something I would change about Memorial High School would be the condition of the building,such as the restooms and the size of the classrooms.
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