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Memorial high shares most traits with other public high schools in urban areas; diverse student body and faculty, underfunded extra curricular activities and art departments, and overly generous to all things sports. However, Memorial strays from this archetype in a few remarkable ways. The culture at this school values inclusivity and respect. The sense of community and fidelity between students and staff is very strong. The mantra "we take care of our own" embodies this school. While music, theatre and the arts are stereotypically underfunded, the administration makes great effort to demonstrate support for all activities and productions hosted by these departments even if money lacks. Some of the best teachers I've ever had taught or teach at Madison Memorial. Educators here are dedicated and knowledgeable. Most engage heavily in extra curriculars outside of school and form lasting relationships with their students.
I had a really good experience at Memorial. I had a lot of amazing teachers who taught me a lot. There were a ton of clubs to chose from, and the school culture was generally very light and fun. The school food wasn't always the best, but we were close enough to the mall that you could walk to buy food from there. There really isn't anything I would change, except for getting better math teachers. I had only 1 good math teacher in all 4 years of my schooling, so I really hope that they hire some new ones soon.
The school had lots of spirit and was fun. Lots of different clubs and nice staff members. Academic wise, the school was really nice and my advisor showed me lots of different scholarships for college. Besides that, the school was pretty normal, and not much fighting.
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The teachers are knowledgeable and are fun to be around, and there is a large selection of AP courses. However, the facility itself is kind of lacking.
While some of the staff like Drew "Moses aka Mo" Slempkes cared about us, most of the teacher such as David Lynch just drank during school. There were some crazy people such as the notorious "Chirs-man" and the wolfman. The wolfman is crazy with the ladies and once took 7 girls to homecoming and showed them all his shadow. The JMM cross country team was really good lead by varsity stalwarts Liam Higgins, "Big Mike", "Sneaky Pete" and Gerry "The Machine" Vaughn. The team was bound to win state, alas Jared "Chicken" Gonzales who was a promise let the team down by getting last place at the sectional race. This lead his dear cousin Ray to fall into homelessnes and fall into a quary. Also, as a vegetarian I was offended that there was a school sponsored Bratfest which angered me since some kids forced a brat down my belly. Lastly, shoutout to that man Bill Richardson, he really cares about his athletes (enough to shave his beloved beard for them).
- OG Buisch
It was a love/hate relationship with the school. Some teachers were amazing, some were bad, some in between. The school was kind of dirty, the bathrooms need renovations. The sports community was amazing, the people close. However there are a lot of people that don't make smart decision regarding health choices.
The teachers at Memorial High School love their jobs and truly care about the students they teach and the effects they have on their lives. Most teachers even go out of their way to help students whether taking time out of their lunch break, coming to school early in the morning before school, or staying late after school.
What I like about Memorial High School is that it is a community of people who tries to respect others despite their racial, sex, gender, and personality differences. I felt that many teachers at Memorial were great assets since they were willing to help their students develop their potential to be successful in the future wherever they may be. Also, I made many friends and acquaintances who were fun to be with, but we also respect each other regarding how we work with and study with each other for our classes. So, that is what I like about Memorial.
Memorial offers many AP classes and varies art classes, but some of the classes have very naughty students and they distract you from learning.
Teachers are very supportive and the academics are strong. I dislike that the school is extremely sports oriented.
Great academics overall, I feel that the teachers really want us to succeed and genuinely care about our futures.
Memorial is definitely a diverse and action packed school. It's not hard to get involved in something or find a place a where you feel you fit in.
I loved the diversity that I experienced at Memorial. I made lots of friends of all different types of backgrounds and I feel like that really helped me become a better person. The teachers I had for the most part were helpful, kind, and caring.
what this school lacks in teaching and education, the students make up for in school spirit, fantastic sports teams, great student life, and amazing student personalities. Teaching and funding could be better.
Memorial high school is very diverse and provides students with opportunities to learn both inside and outside of the classroom.
It has the typical public high school feel. The building is run down, some of the teachers are just terrible and don't want to be there. Theft is also a problem, so don't leave your backpack alone. But there are also some great teachers who really care about their students and what they are teaching them. The school also has great sports teams and their is lots of school spirit.
The school is average. Okay funding, okay teachers. The teachers are sometimes disorganized and teach according to no visible curriculum, but it is a good school. The kids enjoy learning and are enthusiastic! Not an extremely challenging school though. Great sports programs! Also, it is very diverse there.
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There are so many clubs at this school. On spirit days, one who walks in the school can see just about everyone is wearing some kind of spartan wear
The teachers were almost always there when I needed help, but the students were very annoying. Many of them were very loud and immature and they walked around rapping out loud and would basically scream a conversation they were having with their friend(s). I honestly do not think that I would go to this school again if I had the option. I do not think I would even allow my future children to come to this school.
The teachers try to help the students who need help the most. Teachers at my school are able to be reached most of the time unless they are not at school for the day or they are too busy for the day or week.
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