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Memorial prepares a student very well for college and it is the most "private" a public school could get. The academics are hard but they help a student learn and be prepared for college. Student life can get a little exclusive as the majority of the students are made of money and are predominantly white.
Memorial is an open school with extremely large class sizes. It hosts a competitive environment and it's teachers care a great deal about their students. I have always felt at home at Memorial High School, as though there was something unique and valued that I brought to the table.
Over the past two years, I have been involved in the Memorial Markettes Dance Team and it has probably been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Getting involved in clubs, sports etc. is going to be much easier on transitioning into high school. You are going to make friends that will last a lifetime. My experience at Memorial High School has been significantly better with a group that I can rely on. Most of my teachers as well have been a great help transitioning. They do genuinely care about how you are doing, and always support you.
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This school has amazing academics and offers various opportunities. Most of the students are from wealthier families so it really puts into perspective all that you can achieve. Being a minority and attending this predominantly white school was tough at times. Every day you're reminded that you are different and it brings on feelings of self-hate. MHS could try harder at making all students feel included.
Memorial High school is full of bright, and social students. You will find that many have the interest of maintaining good grades, which makes it very competitive in terms of class rank. Teacher are always trying their best to make sure you succeed and thrive in their class, and having 1 on 1 help from any teacher is made especially easy. There are many opportunities to meet new people at games, pep rallies, and volunteer work provided by the school.
Great academics and teachers. However, some people made the social environment hostile and unaccepting to certain groups of people.
I loved Memorial High School. Everybody was very friendly and caring. The students took academics very seriously, so it is a good environment if you want to take school serious and learn as much as possible.
Although an older school with updated modifications, the school district is a great support as well as the Booster Club and PTA. Lots of programs to get involved with and the sports teams are very competitive. GPA is based on a weighted grading system so above a 4.0. You can choose from academic classes or AP classes which boost your GPA and class rank. You will be prepared for college. MHS is one of the strongest academic schools with the Spring Branch Independent School District. The counselors offer great resources for college as well as a wellness counselor. The parents are very involved in this school.
I’m a current student at Memorial High School. The diversity should be at the MOST a C. The school is 65% white. And it shows. The privilege and entitlement that oozes out of several of these kids is abominable. You’ll find different types of pretentious in all levels, AP or grade-level. The AP kids carry a holier-than-thou attitude and don’t stop to listen to others. The grade-levels think they’re always right, when several of them don’t bother to crack open a book. Ever. A lot of teachers are unforgiving, most of the ones I’ve had were. Some were great, but most, even those that weren’t mine, were rude. There are a LOT of things I could say about Memorial that would make your hair curl, but I’ll stop here.
Memorial high school is very white and very southern. The PTA is very misguided about where they should be directing funds. We use Spanish textbooks from the 80s/90s and the desks are falling apart, but we just built a new field house and they plan to give all of the students chrome books. There isn't much bullying in the school(not counting within friend groups) because people are so obsessed with their own images that they don't care about anyone else, so that's a plus.
I liked this school because I had the opportunity to get involved with sports, this school has a positive thing that you can do your own thing and not get involved in trouble, you can stay away from bad things and follow the correct path without many students crossing your path to try to convince you to do stuff that you not really want to do, and the teachers/staff were so helpful and respectful.
My time at Memorial was very eye opening and showed me what to expect in college. Besides being not very diverse there was a lot of good people I met there and I will treasure those friendships for a lifetime. I feel that almost all my teachers genuinely cared about me being successful and that meant a lot to me. High school is a time of many changes and it helped that I knew that I could count on the amazing staff of teachers to never let me feel like i going through these changes alone.
Most of the teachers are helpful and knowledgable on their subject matter but I have had some who do not seem to have any knowledge of the class or the AP test. The school itself is old and seems to have a problem with rats in the walls. I also enjoy the extracurricular activities provided and the relative openess and freedom in terms of club environment.
I moved to memorial during my sophomore year of high school. At my old school I was an all A ap student easily but when I got to memorial things were much more difficult and challenging. The main theme of Memorial academics to me is Competition.
It is an okay school, the student body is pretty chaotic, and the teachers are average. There isn't much diversity and it's kind of clique-y.
Everyone cares about each other and everyone supports everyone. Teachers are there to support everything that students do. There is tons of school spirit and love in the atmosphere that it feels like home away from home.
I enjoyed my time there. It's a very big school with around 600 students per class year. There's a good amount of clubs and activities that you can join. I like that they have PLTW classes, which means that you can take specific engineering classes. Some of the things taught in my Digital Electronics class helped me a lot in my electrical engineering class. The teachers explains materials well and are very encouraging, especially if you take more advancedclasses like AP and honors classes.
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The school is very clique-based. I have had good experiences with the principals and counselors. Some teachers are very passionate about what they teach. Others... not so much.
Personally I believe that Memorial does a fantastic job preparing student for life out side of high school. Teachers often take time out of their day to make sure you fully understand the materiel. They really want you to succeed and show general concern if you get a bad grade. The social aspect of the school is admirable the diversity at first glance seem lacking but there is a concerable hispanic and asian population. Yes, it is a little click-y and their are a few pretentious students but besides that the student body is enthusiastic and high-spirited and practically everyone is willing to help!
It is a good school, with good teachers and curriculum. The only main complaints I have is that their college readiness is ok, and their is a huge lack of modern technology in the library and all the classrooms.
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