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I mean, its high school. Anyone who says there is no drinking or drugs is lying. Bullying doesn't seem to be much of any issue (but maybe I just don't see it because it is not often directed at me) although there was an outbreak of it recently, both with another student and this year, personally.
I can tell that the teachers at this school not only care about the subjects they teach, but about the students they serve as well. They are all concerned about the well being of the student body.
Our football team just went to the state quarter final game, so I can't really complain. A large majority of our ski team goes to state every year, too. The boy's basketball, softball, and baseball teams are state hopefuls this year, too, so our sports are not bad. Unfortunately, the ones that I didn't mention tend to be pretty average or below that. Overall we have a pretty good variety of sports teams at the school. As for our town spirit, it is crazy intense. We had hundreds of fans drive down to the cities for that football game this past fall.
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This school might not have all the opportunities that some larger schools have, but that lack has taught me to work for success on my own. I have a sense of self reliance that will carry me through college because of this school. I have also had some of the greatest friends in this school, which is the main reason I wouldn't give it up for a different high school experience. The small scale of it has allowed me to have personal relationships with teachers, general faculty, and all students in both my grade and the ones surrounding it. I also adore the town that the school lies in and I have grown up in, so I wouldn't want to give that up, either.
I am a very involved student, so I find that I have enough options of after school activities presented to me. We have most of the common sports teams, though we are missing a few, and a large portion of the ones we do have a not funded by the school. Most everyone participates in sports, but outside of athletics we lack any sort of clubs. We have many in school organizations that take up a lot of time during the school day and after it, but when it comes to things like math club or robotics, we have none. I, myself, have no issues with the extracurricular in this school, but I can see how a student with a more specific interest in an activity might feel let down.
The timing of our lunch period is ideal, but the length of it (only twenty five minutes before the first bell) is too short and we are asked to leave our tables to make room for the kindergarteners. Every once in a while I will eat a lunch at the school, but most days I bring my own because the options are not very healthy. Everything, even the seemingly fresh muffins, are processed and come out of plastic packaging. I do appreciate the bowl of fruit, though that runs out fast, and options like cheese sticks or milk. There also aren't any true vegetarian options, as even the salads come with "meat". I suppose they could eat things like cheese pizza or Bosco Sticks, but again, those lack any healthy qualities as they drip grease.
We dont have many options, our only language offered is German, and our maths only go up to calculus.
Our school is very old, we do not have a pool, a track, a soccer field, the building is old and falling apart. Most of our classrooms are ancient with chalkboards from the 1950's still in them.
Our school is so racially not diverse, its unbelievable. We probably only have 10 or under non- Caucasian students.
We basically have the freedom to wear whatever we want, no one that i know of has ever got in trouble for what they are wearing, we don't have many controversial policies.
The teachers are prejudice, they are old and have no new ideas, the students that are known as the good kids get special treatment. This school is not the place to be if you are looking to be creative and have a personality, you will be judged on your appearance and overall family appearance, income, etc.
We've just had a new security system put in with doors that lock from 8 AM to 3 PM. Sometimes they are an inconvenience, but overall probably a step forward for our safety.
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