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My experience at Memorial was good. I transferred to Memorial second semester of my junior year and the administration made the transition from a small school to a big school really easy. The academics at Memorial definitely helped me in preparing for college. One of the first things I noticed when I started school was how diverse the school was. There were different clubs/organizations for all types of people and everyone seemed to enjoy them. The only thing I might change were the amount of time the teachers received for their breaks. Some of the teachers were moody and seemed like they needed a little more break then what they received.
Edmond Memorial is a good opportunity for students everywhere and a new way to have a great four years in high school. There are many new people to meet every day to get to know. Everyone is a friend which makes our high school a family. Also, the teachers are friendly, but they need to work on how some of their teachers teach students. Most students are not easily taught. I believe making school more entertaining will help students to want to learn and to want to become more educated. Keeping students wanting to learn would change more of the learning atmosphere and make them want to go to school. Overall, Memorial Highschool is a great school, but there are certain learning aspects that could be improved.
The teachers are very good at preparing students for ap tests, however it would be nice to have more of a focus on college material and class style, not just ap testing.
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Memorial is awesome! We have incredible school spirit that no one else can match in Edmond! We are the ORGINAL high school in Edmond and our pride shows in all we do!
It feels like every year half of the graduating class from Memorial comes out with a sense of pride and the other half comes out with shame and regret of not taking online classes. I was part of the half that walked out of those halls with shame. During my years at Edmond Memorial, I was consistently bullied, I did not learn much, and I came out feeling worse than when I went in as a naive 8th grader. If I learned anything from my four years at Memorial, it was tolerance. I learned to just tolerate when a teacher is not teaching you and to teach yourself. I learned to just tolerate the people who are physically bullying you because administration did not want to intervene. I learned to tolerate and that is about it.
Memorial High School was a great fit for me!I felt academically prepared when I entered college. The teachers were challenging but realistic with their expectations. The school spirit is like no other. There so many service opportunities and clubs that encouraged service. Overall I had a good high school experience.
I loved the diversity that Memorial had along with the way the students interact with each other. It felt like a family. The teachers were very supportive and cared for the students and their success.
Fairly average school with excellent AP teachers that and a friendly atmosphere. Everyone here loves our sport teams but the teams are nothing out of the ordinary.
One of my favorite things about Memorial is the performing arts program that we have. I have been blessed with amazing teachers who actually care for their students and provide us with a great experience in and out of class.
When it comes to Memorial High, the experience is defiantly better for some than others. For those who don't try and apply themselves it is very enjoyable, but for those who try and attempt at life they are beaten and kicked to the curb left for the buzzards as a tasty burnt snack.
When I came to Memorial it was filled with an encouraging and energetic atmosphere that I felt comfertable with my friends in. I would only change the fact that the classes are filled with a little more than would be best amount number of students.
I loved my time at Edmond Memorial. I had some amazing teachers (AP classes are worth it for them), and I love all of the school events. There is such a family atmosphere here, especially during Swine Week!
Edmond Memorial is an amazing school, most teachers genuinely care about your education and are willing to help when you have a problem. This school has a great atmosphere & I highly reccomend it!
I liked some of the teachers, but most of them didn’t even know your name unless you had status. Wish it was more diverse than it was.
Edmond Memorial High School is a family. The body of students is connected, the teachers are exceptional, the academics are preparing, and the environment is one of the best. Plus, it is located in one of the best areas in Oklahoma.
Great school with much in the way of academics and extracurriculars. Band is exceptional, teachers are exceptional, and school spirit is high and clearly defined.
Just as a freshman, I have enjoyed my time here. I always like getting up and going to school to meet my friends and go do my job for the baseball team. The teachers are nice and helpful when it comes to learning everything in my classes. The food is not really good but if that is the only thing I have bad to say, then Edmond Memorial is a pretty good school.
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I enjoyed my time at Edmond Memorial High School. When I attended, it was only for junior and senior high. Now it is a 9th thru 12th grade high school. We were the last class to attend the only high school in Edmond, Oklahoma at the time. The following year Edmond opened up another school. Growth in our town was booming in the early 80's!
I'm very involved in both the music program and the swim program, which are fantastic. I've met so many people through the programs and wouldn't change a thing about them.
Lots of activities to be involved in... Great AP teachers for Junior year, especially AP Lang... Not a lot of diversity in the school...
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