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I lobe the school. There are great teachers and administration. I only wish there were more computer science classes.
Since the start of the high school, I have heard negative things being said about the students, the education, and the teachers, which amazes me. Memorial is not a bad school district, it is a small one. Now that being said, you are going to experience the problems of a small school district. From my observation and experience, Memorial has been great overall. Memorial is a school, and like any school, or any other experience in life, you only get as much out of it as you put in. Yes there are going to be some bad experiences, but that is the high school experience. Nobody has a perfect time in high school, and yeah, if you only focus on the bad then the experience as a whole is going to seem bad. If you put in work and try to have a good time, then Meorial will be a great school.
Overall, I’ve had a relatively pleasant experience at Memorial. Most of the teachers are dedicated and friendly, and the environment for the most part feels supportive and safe. However, there seems to be an emphasis on sports with regards to administration and funding, whereas the arts get sometimes overlooked.
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it was the average high school experience. Nothing too noteworthy. People care about each other, but we don't stand out too much. Our sports teams and art sections are pretty good, though.
Memorial is an academically rigorous school that can push you maybe a little bit too hard. There will be countless late nights going well into the early morning, as well as assignments not being able to be completed because of lack of time.
I appreciated the opportunity to take AP classes and earn college credits. There were a variety of electives to choose from and some great teachers. I would have liked more diversity in the student body and a more positive school culture.
I liked the diversity of classes offered at Memorial High School, which helped me decide on a major.
What I like about Memorial is that no matter who you are, you don't ever NOT fit in. There's no cliques or a certain group that runs the school. The staff has good and bad days, but if you're going to have a bad experience here it's usually because of the other student and your peers, not so much the staff.
I absolutely hated Memorial High School. Teachers did not engage their classes and the amount of homework received was greatly unnecessary and did not help me learn. There is almost no diversity with the large large majority of people being white, and I feel that I am not prepared for college at all. Fights regularly break out, and while they claim that there is a wide variety of clubs and activities, most of the clubs are not open and have no members. The administration does not care about its students at all and does not try to understand students' opinions. Also, about the facilities--there are rats in the ceilings and ceiling tiles regularly break and need fixing. There is mold and the hallways are quite dirty.
The academics at this school prepare students for college, but in most classes, excessive amounts of homework are given out. Many teachers are only there for the paycheck, and the administrators and other staff are incredibly unfriendly. I would not feel safe going to the staff at Memorial if I had a problem.
It was a good experience. I wish there was more involvement with the arts. The classes are very structured and don't allow a lot of creativity in them, but it isn't the teacher's fault. The teachers I had were very good. I had positive experiences with all my teachers.
I think the experience regarding staff and actual education was brilliant, and worked very well for me, I had an easy time learning and understanding, and if I ever needed extra help it was always available to me. However the facilities themselves need work.
My parents support me I don't know how other people feel about their parents support.
They try their best I believe but there are some teachers that don't actually teach and they just expect you to figure it out. They are not trying to be that way it is just something you find out about a teacher and they think it works but sometimes it doesn't for all kids.
It was fairly easy to get into the classes that I wanted. The curriculum was usually the same for all classes in certain subject areas. There was a decent amount of homework given for each class, but it wasn't overwhelming. I felt that the education I received was very worthwhile for me. Compared to some of my peers, I think that my education was far superior to theirs. I am happy with attending school here and all it has offered me.
There isn't much diversity at school. Most students are caucasian but there is a population of Hmong's and African Americans at school. Students are not afraid to voice their opinions. Students are also open about their sexual orientation if they are comfortable sharing it. Students are extremely involved in clubs. I did notice that there are a lot of cliques and people tend to stay in their groups. It is hard to be accepted into groups once they are made.
There are wide variety of clubs to be involved in. There are new clubs being made as well. A lot of students participate in the clubs. There are a lot of different sports offered as well and most of the sports are successful. There are always strong programs. Intramural sports are also offered and there is a large amount of students who participate in those as well. Staff is usually involved in the clubs and will help out when needed. Staff will also attend sporting events and ask students about games and what not.
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I enjoyed attending school here. There was a large participation in sports and students attending the games. The dances that were held were all very fun. There were themes for each dance and were decorated accordingly. The student council put in a lot of time and made sure that the opinions of the students were heard and tried to meet their needs. There were also dress up weeks where we were able to dress up and receive a special prize if we dressed up. They rewarded hard work by inviting honor students to a breakfast.
All the teachers I had were very friendly and interested in who I was as a person and what I was doing. There were some teachers that were lazy and did not go above and beyond what they could do, but there were also some teachers that did a lot for the students to make sure they had a positive experience.
Most teachers at memorial high school does a great job at teaching and making sure the student learns in side of class more than outside of class. But other teachers have difficulty in teaching such as some of them make review notes complicated to study from due to their lack of teaching during class which results in some students failing on the test themselves.
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