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Memorial High School Reviews

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I love my high School. The overall experience was amazing. The teachers teach and the students learn.
I feel very safe in my school.
There are several extracurricular activities that offer something for everyone.
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I've really enjoyed working with students of different ethnicity's.
Our teachers are devoted to giving the students the best education possible with the materials we're given.
Some of the younger kids aren't well behaved.
This schools had an impact on my life because i learned how to be ready for high school the teachers and especially the librarian were extremely helpful and i am who I am because of them.
I wish the teachers were more strict, its hard to learn.
The teachers do have there ways of helping. They ask that you let them know ahead of time for after school help. There are a few teachers I was nervous to ask from though.
We have different religions, sexual orientations, political views and everything like that. At festivals we have different variety of foods.
The heating and ac was different for the classes and were an issue. Some classes too hot or too cold.
There were your hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, pasta. But you didn't pick what you want. Usually the school would have the meals planned and there were oranges and apples also available along with cream for a dollar. But not.too much.
The discipline could be enforced a tad.
There are your common classes but not stuff like trig or other language classes. We usually have the principle come in and get ready to schedule in groups and individually if needed. There are about three teachers that most students can't stand but the rest always offer help.
There's the football, basketball, baseball, golf, and bowling. I wish there could be a few more sports. The teams aren't that big but most players are determined to lead and play great and win.
There are the sports (basketball, football, baseball, golf, bowling). We have clubs for spanish, chemistry, art, memo, yearbook and multimedia. We could use a few more.
Students have to wear uniforms with no leeway.
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As a whole, the schoolid in top notch condition. The entire facility was built recently, but we should invest a bit more money on more resources for the students that actually participate, such as a pool or baseball fields things like that.
All the teachers are excellent in our school. They all get the job done and I couldn't ask for a better group of them. Now i would be great if the students actually realized and appreciated that instead of always getting mad at the teachers for no reason.
My experience at my school has been basic. I wish that I could do more and I probably will in the future but to be honest I would not go to my school if I could do this all over again. It's not worth it.
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