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Beloit Memorial gives you a chance to stand out from the rest. They offer vigorous classes the extracurricular activities that committed students dare to challenge. I have learned what it takes to be a role model for your community through the hours I have spent helping. All the faculty have something to offer, whether it’s their background or great personality. There is always something to Learn at Beloit Memorial High School!
While I was a student at BMHS, I felt like I belonged. There was not only diversity in the people, but also the classes offered and the organizations available to join. The AP classes I took were both fun and challenging. Teachers at BMHS care about their students and are available whenever needed.
Beloit Memorial High School has always been a place where people can speak about their opinions, make clubs they deem necessary for school life, and otherwise students are themselves. People mainly keep to themselves but of course their will be drama and conflict like at any other high school. Nonetheless, as of late, there have been conflicts between student, parents, and administration due to the recent election. Specifically, the issue has been focused on the Black History Month assembly that took place. Many were outraged about it and it brought to light the amount of racist that were present at our school. On a good note people know who they are and students have been able to talk to administrators at School Board Meetings and such to resolve the issue. Overall, I believe the School District, and high school in general have been doing everything in their ability to please many at the school.
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We do a decent job with keeping the school safe in a rough community
I don't really do much but there definitely are many opportunities to be involved
When its all said and done BMHS has been a good time of my life.
The teachers are very nice if you allow them to be. Kids who don't like the teachers disrespect the teachers for no reason.
One of my best experiences was in my Studio Art class. We do a lot of projects and we get to socialize with each other and to know each other as a family. We got to go outside and do a "ChalkThe Walk" where we had to paint outside the school to show our artistic skills.
Many opportunities for students, regardless of interests.
Teachers receiving national accreditation; willingness to use Skyward; available through email with concerns
There have been some recent concerns during open campus lunch times.
Variety of AP Courses, College Readiness courses, Tech Ed program
Going to Beloit Memorial High School has been a great experience for me so far. The school is large and has a lot of activities for students to get involved in. What makes the school unique is its great diversity and enthusiastic student-body. The students have a lot of school pride and spirit making it a great place to go to school everyday.
Overall I hate this school. Fights happen all the time and in general people are just very rude to each other. Another issue with this school is sometimes you end up in standard core classes with over 30 students which is ridiculous, and you can be placed in a study hall with over 100 kids. Most kids from this school are also so far behind and learning and very little is being done to help.
The school has an amazing weight/fitness room and pool.
Many teachers at the school actually try and help students out.
The clubs are in need of more funding and more students in the Literary and Arts Magazine Club.
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I have really enjoyed my time so far at Beloit Memorial. I especially like the freedom offered in picking my classes which gives me opportunities that I wouldn't be able to have at another school.
I'm not very familiar with the school's disciplinary policies, but it adamantly promotes responsible and respectful behavior for students especially in their freshman year.
Although our sports teams aren't all state qualifiers there is definitely no shortage of school spirit. I strongly believe that the coaching staff at Beloit Memorial will do a tremendous job improving the athletes' abilities and that our sports program is on the rise.
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