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Memorial Early College High School Reviews

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A good school, it’s a new way of learning that helps develop presentation skills. This school is stressful which can cause several mental illnesses. This is an academic driven school.
I love my school, it’s so supportive and has taught me a lot about life in general; how to present, how to cite information, etc... I am a senior and I think it’s the best school I have ever been in.
In my 4 years of being at this school it has been a great experience. Their project based learning and college prep gives you an opportunity nobody else has. Along with getting a free associate's degree this school prepares you for the road ahead. The only thing I would like the school to change is it's disciplinary action when it comes to student misbehavior.
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I absolutely LOVE this school! I have learned so much and my experience here I will always remember. I would recommend this school to anyone who just loves academics.
I love this school. It has helped me tons. The clubs are medicore ans so is the food (but thats just highs school for ya). We are rather intelligent and we have an amazing culture. I never feel alone.
I like that the opportunity it offers to get your associate’s degree, however you are sacrificing a lot of the electives, sports, and other clubs you would take in a traditional high school setting in order to attend here.
Mechs is an incredible school that teaches more than just academics. It has taught me life skills such as time management, presenting in front of my peers, communication, and collaboration. The only thing I would change is the administration because it often ignores the wants of the students.
The school provides great opportunities for students seeking a better education within the public school system.
The students at MECHS are brilliant. We strive to do our best and be our best. The teachers care about each individual student and work hard to make sure the student understands the topic. The campus is well kept, clean and pest free. the staff is wonderful, they care and do their best. The surrounding area is well kept as well. The diverse selection of clubs allows students an opportunity to socialize with their peers. With no sports, the students are allowed to focus on their studies. The Cooking staff is amazing, they do their best to prepare the food and have a smile on their face when they serve it. Being an early college the students are allowed access to St. Phillips online databases, this comes in handy when we do projects. Being a PBL (Project Based Learning) we are allowed to uses these resources.
I think that Memorial Early College High School is a great opportunity for students like myself to prepare for the long journey that is known as college.
MECHS is like a family, but closer. You build great relationships with all of the teachers regardless of if you take their classes or not. The staff all care deeply about your academic success and well being. Your teachers push you to do your best and encourage you to produce innovative and intriguing products in their Project Based Learning style. In projects, you have an incredible amount of control in your groups and can even fire teammate that are just looking to ride your coat tales. The entire school is tailored to your success and will do everything in its power to help you graduate with an Associates degree (sixty college credit hours)
Applying to this school was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would consider the faculty and student body definitely more of a family than a community. Here at MECHS, us as students our pushed to the best of our abilities to succeed. What keeps me and the rest of my peers motivated is the Associates Degree we will be receiving our senior year from St.Phillip’s College. I’ve learned so far by attending this school is that with hard work anything is possible!
This school is very demanding and requires a lot of attention with homework. As a freshman I was taken in by juniors. Our school is full of love and excitement.
My experience at Memorial Early College High School (MECHS) has been amazing! The students, teachers, and staff are all dedicated and strive to support each other in every way possible. I have received ample support from the staff here throughout my high school experience. We are a STEM, New Tech, and PBL school. There are many clubs and organizations that I have participated in during my time here. This is a small school, so one on one help with teachers is constantly an option! I wouldn't have changed anything about this experience, because every experience has helped me grow as a student and as a person.
Memorial Early College High School is a great school where there's a family like environment and so the interactions you have with the student, professors, and faculty are almost always positive. The teachers always make an effort to help you understand every subject and they communicate with each other to make high school a better experience for the students and make sure they aren't so overwhelmed. The only thing I would change is adding more professors and electives since it's such a strong academically based school.
I love the teachers and student body and how we are allowed to be ourselves without many problems and everyone has a way to find a place in our school.
Memorial Early College High School is very diverse and unique. Everyone accepts everyone for who they are. The teachers always help us to succeed and are always there for us. Therefore, my experience at MECHS has been amazing and there is nothing I would like to change about my school.
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It's an amazing high school to attend. The teachers care about your education and it's like a family.
This place is such a loving and supporting environment. Bullying and inequality don't even seem to exist. This school is more like an extended family, building up and supporting those beside you.
I love the culture my at high school. All the administrators have always tried their hardest to make sure the students feel heard and appreciated. Even though at MECHS there's a heavier workload its definitely worth it for the quality of education students receive.
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