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It's like a family. You don't worry about your safety. Small classes so more individual one on one help. Evolved with the community, always helping out with.
I liked the small class sizes. Very knowledgeable teaching staff. Good instruction and afterschool assistance available. Outstanding administrative staff. At times there was a great amount of turnover among teaching staff. Sports program was great. Need more college tours to be added, maybe an overseas senior trip. The buildings are old and need to be updated. Excellent location.
It's like one big family!
I love the diversity. The school is just big enough and not overwhelming
There is nothing I really don't like except
I wish more AP classes can be offered
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no nurse. the counselor is not very good.
Some extra curricular. Sports are big. the kids are coming from other schools to play sports. They don't always stay.
I wasn't ready for college. I had high honors. College was nothing like high school. Even when I had honors classes. I had to take the ACT a couple times to increase my math score. It was embarrassing. I wasn't prepared.
I don't think the teachers are all qualified, with a few exceptions. I think private schools get away with teachers who do not have the education that public school teachers need to have. Teachers let students take tests home and finish them. When I went to college, that relaxed method was nonexistent.
I would choose this school again just a few issues.
The majority of the teachers are highly qualified.
The school goes above and beyond student participation.
There is no school nurse.
We did not have problems with the admission process.
Lacks a qualified mediator for conflict resolution.
Building renovations needed especially the gym.
memorial day school is a school that is unique. you will never find teachers and headmasters like this at any other school. these people go over and beyond to help the students reach their goals. I wish I would have started here when I was a freshman in high school. I came here my junior year and wish that I could do it all over again starting from freshman year.
Technology isn't the best at my school but the buildings and other facilities are good. The teachers and counselors are very good. Every teacher has tutoring for any student everyday after school. The parents are also very involved with everyone at the school.
We have many honors and AP classes at my school and they can get pretty difficult.
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Our school nurse is the person at the front office, but she is very helpful and handles most things and is very safe and concerning.
Our school has many extracurricular activities. Sports is really big at my school. We have won five football championship. We just won one in 2013 and we also won the 2013 basketball championship. We also have a math team, a literary team, and an odyssey of the mind team that all do very well.
The only athletic facility we have is a gymnasium. If we have any home games for football, softball, baseball, or soccer we have to borrow someone else's field.
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