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What I liked about Melvindale High School was the diverse backgrounds. You will see all types of ethnicities. One thing I would like to see change or try to change is that the school gets overwhelmingly hot in the summer due to no A/C
I love the diversity of MHS. The students range from Arabic, Latinx, African American; LGBTQ+ and it was the first school I went to where minorities were the majority. I adored our diversity club, through it I was exposed to various cultures- even trying sushi for the first time and visiting several libraries. I participated in Youth in Government where I got the chance to interact with various people from different parts of Michigan and make legislation. I was able to participate in volunteering to take a less privileged child to Wal-Mart and to help them pick a Christmas gift. It was a beautiful experience. The teachers there are passionate and caring. I was in Drama Club as well and our shows were always stellar.
Melvindale High School is a bustling conglomeration of many different kinds of people from many different places in the world. If you seek diversity, look no firther.
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As a senior ready to graduate, I can say that I'm absolutely grateful to have attended such a diverse and multicultural school. Melvindale has taught me the essentials needed to work in future work environments such as understanding the perspectives of others from different backgrounds and functioning in a multiethnic environment. I wouldn't change a thing about Melvindale other than the size as more students are coming into our loving community. The love for my school and community is incomparable as it is the one that presented me the love that I spread today!
I enjoyed attending Melvindale High School a lot. My biggest issue is how many teachers have a lack of motivation. Also, the classes are on the "simpler" side, and they don't prepare you enough for college (in my opinion).
I was a student at Melvindale High School (2012-2016), I fell in love with the sense of community you felt there. We were all family, regardless of color, religion or background we all supported each other in our academics and extra curricular activities. There is always room for improvement, personally I believe it is important to recognize all teams ( girls and boys team), more specifically the girls soccer team. Another thing would be offering more scholarships to graduating seniors, every scholarship is very significant once you're in college.
My favorite part of high school was drama club, and my AP Lit class. The school could be more inclusive, and less judgmental. There are anti-bullying campaigns, but not much seems to help.
There are plenty of activities to get involved here, but they don't promote them enough to get involved. You have to ask and get involved yourself.
I had a great time here. i was involved in many different activities throughout. its was a great experience.
Many of the teachers I've had they really cared about our future and wanted to help.
Big acceptance of large range of different types of people.
There really was not enough to do. Fun clubs like choir were cut to save money for sports.
Some teachers were pretty good. Others played favorites all the time.
I saw lots of bullying going on and nothing as really done about it.
If I could restart my education and had the option to go to a different school I would still chose to go to Melvindale High School. This school is not only good for education, but it's athletics and clubs. We have one of the best fan section for Melvindale. A lot of alumni come back and support the teams and a lot of parents that went to Melvindale as teens come to support.
There are a multiple teachers at Melvindale High School that stand out and truly try and help students learn to their fullest abilities. They challenge students to push themselves and go beyond what they think their knowledge is. Some teachers expand students learning abilities to a variety of ways: visual learners, hands on learners, auditory learners, read and write learners, and kinestheitc learners.
The amount of different clubs and groups is amazing
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It's been okay, not excellent due to personal issues, but okay
Some of the teachers are amazing, but some seem bored and irritable
I think the security here is pretty good. There's security cameras in almost every hallway.
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