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I love how positive the teachers are and a person can tell they truly love there jobs which reflects on to the students.
The school was very welcoming when I moved here and very helpful. Administration checked in regularly to see if I needed assistance. The academic courses offered here are phenomenal, and most importantly, school lunch is GOOD!
Overall good teachers. If you have a good last name, you'll get a few perks. Food is not great. Not many non-sport clubs or activities to choose from
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Almost all of the teachers are great at their jobs. There are always a few that are bad but that is like every place. The high school level is when I noticed how much they do help and how they have great degrees that help us learn the college level classes which prepare us for college. Also I got done with a few of my general education classes as well. Melrose is a good school and I would not have changed anything about myself going there.
Melrose top priority is safety and security. Every year they work on improving student safety.
Players are very committed to extracurriculars and put in a lot of time into them.
Parental support is not a problem here at all. They are very engaged in how students are doing in extra curricular activities as well as how they are doing in school.
Most teachers here at Melrose are very genuine and care about the students. When a student has trouble most of them are willing to help.
It is a decent school that includes mostly good teachers. However some of the other faculty is questionable and overall people are not okay with change. It is a good school though because generally people are nice and it is easy to make friends.
It's a good school. Everybody knows everybody. Rumors fly quickly though, and there are cliques among students. With small class sizes, it is easy to learn.
The classes in general are okay, but when it comes to how the scheduling system works is just horrible because the guidance counselor is hardly there and she is never any help.
The cafeteria area is nice, but the food isn't the best and there has been issued with the food.
They are strict on some things, but they don't follow through with some policies.
Melrose is starting to update its sports facilities.
Most of the teachers are really good and make learning easy to understand the information, although there are some teachers that are difficult to be in a classroom with.
Melrose didn't prepare me for college. There was too much info taught that was more complex than the info taught at the college.
I like the school in general. I love playing sports there and really enjoy my friends. There are a few things wrong with the school but then again what school doesn't have its problems.
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Our Lunch has problems. Ever since Michelle Obama made school lunches healthier, the food as been horrible. Its not that there isn't delicious healthy choices its that we have the same 7 options to eat thats it. Everyday I can predict whats for lunch because of the lack of the variety.
Our administrative staff does a good job with dealing with kids that often are so called "troublemakers." If a student constantly makes poor decisions, they get expelled and are forced to go to ALC. This allows for a safer and more comfortable environment for me and the rest of the students. Dress code is good in the sense that there is a little leanacy, but also some order. Attendance isn't a major problem. Overall they do a fine job with the school.
Overall the one thing Melrose does do well is in the athletics. We have a lot of good athletes that really allow us to do well in sports. This allows for more funding and more extravagant gifts for the succeeding program. However if a program is not traditionally good they often tend to receive less money and worse equipment as well.
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