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I attended Melrose-Mindoro school for the majority of my schooling. I played sports and that was probably the best part of high school. The small school allowed everyone to play and to be able to be competitive with each other. There is a good music program and lots of clubs to be in.
Teachers were good. Some students were jerks.
I was still able to play sports and join clubs. The teachers and staff are very supportive.
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The problem with the health and safety of my school is that no special security measures like metal detectors are prevalent, however I do feel safe at my school because issues like bullying are not an issue at all.
For a small school the teachers are very knowledgeable, and companionate about the student's well being. Most teaching styles at my school are hands on active learning, which in my opinion is better then text book teaching because active learning allows students to be more involved and interested in their studies.
My school is very fortunate because we have teachers who genuinely care about the student's well being, in particular I would accredit this attitude to the English and Technology education sectors because these teachers are very well versed in multiple subjects so students can obtain help on all subjects from one source.
I believe that my school is well above average in the acquiring new technology field because we live in a community that heavly supports the technology education sector. My school is also above average in the sense that we allow for personal tutoring for students in need.
School spirit is forced upon students at our school because of activities such as homecoming. I personally don't necessarily support this because I believe that students should enjoy their school sports because of their own personal beliefs. As far as fitness opportunities at school they are typically very good because there are multiple sports as well as weight room opportunities.
The main issue in my school is the issues that come with peer pressure because a select few students are looked upon for leadership it allows for some bad decisions to be made. Ethnic diversity and ridicule about things like that are a non issue at my school because for the most part everybody is very accepting of diverse people.
My school is very fortunate in the sense that issues such as bullying are a non issue. I believe that they are a non issue because the principal and guidance counselors are very involved in student life because they are constantly in the hall ways, as well as being available any time to talk about issues with other students.
My school has made a better effort to make the lunch menu healthier in the past few years. For example we now have a salad bar every day during lunch, however I believe that the lunch menu could still use more verity because some students such as people with gluten allergies still have to bring their own lunches every day.
The after school activities at my school include most typical sports (football, basketball, etc.) however I believe that there is room for improvement because the programs do not work around student's schedules. For example I work at a job after school until around 7:30 every night, by doing this I completely lost my opportunity to join clubs and sports. What I suggest is that we make a secondary set of clubs that operate either on weekends or later after school in order to give all students the opportunity to enjoy them.
I have enjoyed my experiences at my high school more then the average student because I prefer to make friends with students and staff, thus making me more comfortable to ask for help when I need it. Being more involved and interested in classes has allowed me to be a better student, at some other schools I believe the main issue is simply that some students don't care enough to become active in their learning, and by these few students not caring others follow their lead and bring down the entire academic potential of the school.
Everyone is friends here but there are some kids who are not popular and get picked on all the time.
Our team athletics are put up on top of most other things like education.
The teachers at our school are very knowlegable in there areas of expertise.
Our school is very hard on those kinds of things, they dont let really anything off like that.
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The high school staff crack down on bullying very hard, there is no exception, if you bully, you are immediately punished. There is some safety measures, all doors into the school are locked all day so that no one can just walk in but there is no security incase someone does get in. We have little for a health program, I've never seen us have us a nurse.
The athletics are great for the most part. We don't have many students from our school going on to play college sports but the love of the sport is still there. That love can be seen in the coaches of the teams as well; they truly want their team to be the best they can.
The extracurricular I was in were the best. Academic decathlon, forensics, band, and sports all helped me become the organized person I am today. The administration is also very supportive of all of those things. They are at events often and are known to give "shout-outs" to those who recently took first place in a competition or things like that.
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