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We, for some reason, have a lot of bomb threats, but nothing has actually happened. We always have a police officer in the building and someone at our front desk that controls all of the doors, which have buzzers. The school is pretty safe, but nothing extreme has ever happened, so I int really know what would happen in a major emeergency.
We have many sports like football, girls and boys soccer, girls and boys swimming, girls and boys cross country, volleyball, girls and boys indoor and outdoor track and field, girls and boys basketball, girls and boys lacrosse, softball, and baseball. We also have many clubs like student government, model UN, Melrose Veterans Memory Project, Gay-Straight Alliance, and many more. You have to be very committed to athletics and clubs.
For me personally, I would say that this school was okay. I had the option to go to other schools, but I wanted to stay with the kids that I had known for most of my life and didn't want to start all over. I wish I had gone somewhere else only because I think I would have done better in a smaller environment, but it was fine for the most part. Many people do very well here and we usually have a few people who graduate going to Ivy schools. We have some very good sports teams like lacrosse, volleyball, and a football team that has gone to states for the last few years, so its nice if you are athletic. Unfortunately though, I feel like we have a lot of bomb threats (where nothing actually happens), and over the last few years we have had a lot of civil rights cases against us for mostly racist things, but it is things administration and faculty have done; I have heard lost nothing that has to do with this subject student on student.
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Most of the teachers I have and have had are pretty good and are understanding, but I unfortunately have had teachers that I didn't like that much and felt that they weren't giving me a chance, which left me with a worse grade than I could have gotten because I didn't want to try as hard in their classes
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