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When I got to Melrose high school during my 10th grade year I did not want to be there at all. Meanwhile, I started to think to myself i have to make the best out of this being at a school i didn't want to be at became the most enjoyable moments of my high school experiences. Once I Join JR. R.O.T.C. I learn a lot about myself , and how to become a leader and lead a team.
Melrose High is a good school to attend the parents and teachers are very involved to getting their students to the next level and ready for the world
e I like the school for the teachers and the education that they provided for us to learn about different things. Also How much they cared for our education.Things that I would change about this school is nothing but , if i could stop many people from trying to give this school such a bad name.
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My experience at Melrose was a blast I really felt like everyone was family. No we weren't perfect but what family is. I highly recommend Melrose to any upcoming high schoolers.
Melrose High School prepared me to be a productive and well-rounded citizen for the rest of my life. I will never, ever forget Mr. McLemore, who taught music, led the marching band, and equipped me with skills and experiences that have shaped my life. Twenty years later, I know hold two doctorates, have served in the military as an officer, and now, I am an educator abroad. Melrose reinforced pride and self-discipline and I am eternally grateful.
My high school isn't the best because it a izone school meaning we have a extra hour because we had low test scores. We known to public as the wild children or the hood but we are not cause in this high school we treat each other like family. Even though the students don't get along with the administrative decisions it get blow over. I'm actually proud of being a Golden Wildcat because you can't find no other people that deeply care about your education and willing to fight tooth and nail. Also being a Melrose student have it up and downs but in return they teach that life isn't easy as it sound out to be or promising as it was. I know this is my last year of high school that I have been at for the longest for me and so far it going exceptional as should be because it Melrose the high school of Orange Mound.
When I first got to the school I hated it but then I met new people and got involved in fun activities. I was a very proud Golden Wildcat ! It was a few things that I wish were different but other than that I loved it. The best experience I had at Melrose was when I went to Toronto, Canada my Junior year. If I had to I would do it all over again.
For the most part, I feel the school has good health and safety policies. There is a school nurse and school officers present. Safety is not an issue with my child at this school.
to be honestt the sports and fitness really do help from a personal experience i have seen results and have been satisfied with however this is a great opprotunity to get student's healthy and in shape as well so its great.
There was not much you could do.
I was ready for what was to come but not as prepared as I think I could have been.
The staff here at Melrose Is Wonderful you have nice teacher who are well equipped with the materials need to teach.
The Staff and School as a whole is well rounded
I don't eat school lunch.
It's average in my opinion.
It's okay, but our nurse needs to act like she wants to be there even if she doesn't.
I feel that we have lots of extracurricular activities, but students don't really want to do anything. They need to be more involved in school activities.
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Not the best it could be better .
The teachers aren't the best or worst .
The food is awful .
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