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It is a very good public high school. The overall rate of this school is very good. The facilities and teachers are overall very nice. They are willing to help you out if you need help. You can feel they are doing their best to improve the school environment for the students.
melrose high school is a decent experience the education is really good but the students aren't the best the teachers are ok
I loved everything about Melrose High School. The kids there were so amazing and it was so easy making life long friendships. Most of the teachers really cared about their students and wanted us to succeed. I had one teacher who would stay at the school to 7 everyday just helping students with things they didn't understand or doing test corrections. The principle was also the best principle there ever was, Mr. Merrill. Im going to miss MHS so much and I am so thankful that I had my high school experience at the best high school ever, Melrose High School.
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i liked the opportunities the schools provided but the people and some teachers weren't the best. i met some great people and i will remember all the memories i have from this place
I love Melrose High School. All the teachers- or most of them atleast- are engaging and quite clearly interested in their jobs. The teaching method is easy to understand and remember and activities are useful. A problem with the school is the uncanny amount of drugs; but the administrators try their best in prevention.
The students are all nice and accepting and the sports program is extraordinary.
Great school!
Melrose High really prepares students for college as they truly guide students on the path of academic success. AP classes are heavily encouraged by the school culture. Our students all end up being very well rounded- we have lots of students who are combinations of intelligent, athletic, talented in arts, and involved in clubs. Our teachers care about the students, and not just what they get for grades on papers but they really want to know their students are comfortable and happy. The building itself is old and the layout is cramped, but we manage to make do.
The school itself could work on racial issues that occur in the classrooms. The administration are not as involved as they should be with the development of the students, therefore they are distant from the change of culture. The needs of the individuals cannot be met through this, and it makes progression all the harder.
I liked the students and the social aspect. wish the building was cleaner and teachers were a little nicer. also didn't like a lot of coaches.
Renovate the high school. The LC is amazing, so next step is maybe bathrooms and then classrooms or just the whole school.
Great teachers who actually want to teach and help you learn. Melrose High School prepared me well for college, even over prepared me at time. Melrose High takes pride in their academics, sports teams, community and high school as a whole. Overall it was a great high school experience. My family has been connected with Melrose High since it's inception and if I could I would do it all over again in the exact same ways.
It is a good school that really tries to engage with their students and try to make it a great experience for everyone.
Melrose High School is great for anyone who is focused on their education. The classes offered are rigorous and the teachers know their stuff. There are dozens of clubs and groups for students to get involved in.

That being said, the school spirit is sorely lacking. Many students have no motivation to be here or participate. I am focused on my education, so this was not a deal-breaker.
Recent rise in academics in terms of AP Classes. Freshman can take AP Bio and AP Euro. Some teachers are EXCEPTIONAL. Others are subpar. I find that the higher your class level, eg. AP or Honors, the better quality the teacher is. The people are mostly friendly upon first interaction. School spirit is only high for football, not for other events such as Homecoming, etc. Food could definitely be improved.
i had mostly very positive experiences at MHS. all my teachers care about their students and are fully invested in our education. really good learning environment
Melrose High School was a very diversified and enjoyable school. The town is great and so are most of the students. If I could envision something different about Melrose High School it would be the we had some sort of study halls.
Melrose high school is currently attempting to be a 21st century learning environment with the new science labs and learning commons, and plans to renovate more of the building to be like this. There is an academic culture of excellence with AP credits and honors classes, and many kids are pushed to taking hard classes they normally wouldn't have on their own. However, sometimes this results in putting lower level students in higher level classes where they don't actually belong to make the school seem smarter, significantly diluting and making APs less fruitfull learning expierences to those who would typically thrive in such classes.
Great School! Classes are great if you can find something to look forward too. Band and Orchestra programs very fun and sounds great!!! Sports are close knit teams that have a great time.
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I am a senior at Melrose High School, and I have enjoyed my time here over the past four years. The school has everything from caring, intelligent teachers to rigorous courses in all subjects. Highly academic students have the opportunity to thrive here with the incredibly wide range of honors and AP courses offered at Melrose High School. I have been in wonderful math classes all four years that I have been here. Although the math classes have been extremely challenging, they are the classes that I have not only learned the most from, but also retained the most information from. One example of how MHS does not fail to offer courses for academically advanced students is the accelerated Algebra II/Precalculus class, where students are able to complete two math courses, which would normally take two years, in just one year. Melrose High School also has a wonderful camaraderie amongst the student body, and I am glad to have been a part of it.
I'm currently a student at MHS. As a freshman, I'm really enjoying it and think it's a pretty good enviroment. I think overall people are pretty nice to each other, which is something to value, and it sets MHS apart from other schools. Most of the faculty are caring and really just want to help their students, with a few exceptions. The library is a great facility and is very useful. Things i would change are some teachers get away with severely disrespecting students and the administration could listen to the actual students more. Overall, MHS is a pretty good school.
I've been in the Melrose school system since kindergarten. With in my years at MHS I have been the "ghetto kid", the poor kid, the angry black woman even the lonely black girl in class. There is a extreme diversity problem at Melrose schools that faculty is afraid to address. And the few that will discuss problem within our schools are fired, such as my freshman art teacher, Ms. McCarthy. Racism is rapid throughout my school, and tensions are very high.
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