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At Melissa High School, the staff, students, and overall community is welcoming with open arms. From the new school building to mega lunch, this school is the place to be! Many clubs and organiziations make the school diverse and the sports and extra-curriculars are as competetive as they could be. The teachers and administration at Melissa are defininetly setting the students up for success in college!
Melissa is a very educational and extra circular based school district. The community is wonderful when it comes to supporting our sports teams, theater groups, UIL groups, band, and even clubs. The teachers are kind, extremely good at teaching, and want to be involved in the student's education. The counselors at Melissa are some of the most under appreciated workers at Melissa. They are never too busy to sit down with students about anything; college, homework, family troubles, or even just students who just want to talk. And lastly, the most important people at the school, the students . The students at Melissa High School are known to be extremely respectful, loyal, and open to new friendships. Unlike other schools, Melissa's students make it their number one priority to interact and make new residents and students feel welcome.
My daughter is a recent grad and only attended senior year due to a move but we can not sing the praises of MHS enough. From outstanding & friendly students to stellar staff & administration to award winning and awesome sports and extra curricular programs she had an amazing year
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The memories I made here will forever stay with me. This is a school that for some reason feels different than all the others, trust me I have moved more than ten times in my life. The past four years at this school were the best in my life; this school has some unique energy or feeling to it, that is unlike any other school or school district.
I love how the students are all very supportive of one another and it’s very easy to make friends and have a fun time at school.
Overall it is a good school, but like every high school it has it's faults. With the clicks, drama and over bearing high school experience. You will always find a place to fit in though. High school may be rough, but Melissa is one of the better places to be.
Melissa High School gets the job done, but could use newer technology such as smart boards, document cams, more printer paper to where we can take paperwork home.
Melissa is a growing district with very talented students feeding into it. The teachers are very good at cultivating a positive learning environment and allowing students to flourish when they have a strength.
I love the school. It is a small school so mostly everyone knows each other, and most people are very friendly. I highly recommend it.
During my time at Melissa High School I quite enjoyed it, but only for the most part. Looking back at the school now I realize that many things have changed, for the better, and its slowly growing into an even better school, but I feel like there is always room for improvement. I rated "College Readiness" as a 3 because I believe that it is the highest rating a school can receive. You can't prepare students fully for college because they will have to adapt once they get to that point. The high school can only do so much and teachers can only give input to an extent, but then the rest is on the student. So I believe that my school prepared me for college as much as they could. Overall, with this small town and school growing I believe its a nice school that is making improvements to help better education for its students.
It has been an interesting past 3 years of my high school career at Melissa High School. It has been a struggle but I kept focused and worked hard.
I have really enjoyed my time in the Melissa School district. It is a small school, where you know everyone you see when you walk down the hallways. The teachers are excellent, they are very flexible on meeting times with you so that you are successful.
Melissa High School has a great community vibe and strong sense of school pride! It is so encouraging to see students of all different walks of life supporting each other and pushing each other to do their best, and I get to see it every day. All the teachers are brilliant and really care about their students. Because of the small size, I have had the same English teacher for the past 3 years and she has been such an inspiration to me. I have lived in Melissa my entire life and have always attended Melissa schools and I have been so blessed by all of my teachers, principles, and classmates. Any student or faculty member would consider themselves blessed to be a part of the Melissa Independent School District
Melissa is a great school due to the small-school atmosphere along with great teachers and a diverse student body.
The teachers at Melissa High School, for the most part, are great people who are passionate about their work and also very good at it. The lessons are typically very engaging, and when I leave I feel like I have genuinely learned something. The teachers are also generally accessible, which is nice in case a student needs tutoring or simply a question answered outside of the classroom. Overall, I am very happy with the school's faculty.
Attending school in Melissa has been an enriching experience. I have had the opportunity to make lifelong friends, have more opportunities to shine in sports, and got to take college classes at the high school for free. Regardless of the lack of adequate teachers, I got to experience having college professors in high school and got to get ahead in my college studies completely free of charge. For that, I am so grateful.
I have been attending Melissa ISD for nearly 6 years now, and I have to say that the teachers are hit or miss, in terms of teaching skill. It varies because of the overwhelming amount of coaches as teachers. Typically, the coaches that are also teachers are not strong in teaching their subject, which is bad seeing as though coaches make up over 60 to 70 percent of the high schools teachers.
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There are a lot of extracurriculars related to sports and a few related to academics and other areas, like art. It would be nice if there were more academic-based extracurriculars and more clubs representing a variety of areas.
It's been fairly good so far. There's a lot of great classes and extracurriculars but I wish there were more options.
The teachers here are pretty good. Probably about average overall. Some do go above and do more though.
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