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My experience at Melbourne High School has been nothing but excellent. I have had no trouble communicating with faculty and staff at all. Teachers are very nice and helpful! I've made a lot of friends at Mel High. The school culture is great! It is the best school in the surrounding area.
A very nice school, but a lot of drug dealing does happen. To avoid this you should take honors, AP, IB, etc. courses so you are with responsible people who won't drag you down.
Great school and great teachers! Everyone is very helpful and focuses on success! International Baccalaureate and AP programs allow for amazing opportunities for academic rigor.
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I graduated this year from Mel High and it was a great school. Tons of opportunity to do your best and view and come apart of the various traditions at this school. Being the only one in my class to be apart of the Business and Finance Academy, the Pride of Mel High Marching Band, and The AFJROTC. All i can say is wow, I loved it.
Melbourne High School is an all around excellent school. Very diverse and good about getting students involved. One of the best schools in the county
I really like Mel High, as part of the IB program the classes offered are quite good and teachers are helpful. The only thing I would change is the cafeteria food.
So far, it's been a terrific school. The teachers are actively involved in trying to help you pass, so long as you do your part on asking for missing assignments or tutoring. We recently had gotten back an event called "Powerhour", where everyone has an hour lunch and teachers have lunch during Powerhour A or Powerhour B, whichever Powerhour they have left is used for time with the students who come in to makeup missing assignments or for extra help. (i.e. A teacher has lunch during Powerhour B, they're helping students during Powerhour A). It's extremely helpful for those that ride the bus to and from school or for those that simply have no time before or after school to visit.
The administration has done a great job with preparing Freshman students for the start of school year. The guidance office was very informative on programs the school offers to students to help them excel in their High school career. The administration has been available to answer any questions and preparing parents for the transition to high school.
I enjoyed Mel high through the four years that I attended this school. The teacher's were really nice and willing to work with you and the students were all pretty nice. There were never any fights and I rarely ever saw bullying. A new principal took over after our first year and he changed many things. I think the one thing that should change is what they priortize investing their money into. They spend money on televisions for the cafeteria but don't have enough textbooks for students.
It was fun to be here with such good teachers and friends. Many people bashed the school since it wasn't to their liking but it was really interesting meeting such unique people and very helpful teachers that have paved the way for me to succeed.
Even though this is a huge school, it remains a close knit community. For the most part, the teachers here are great, however other staff (such as guidance) sucks. My other complaint is that the student body has no say in how functions (such as prom) are carried out so they tend to be disorganized and boring.
The majority of the teachers there were very rude to the students, however, you do have those few who make up for all of that. I have three or four teachers in mind. Administration could be more clear with instructions and be more friendlier to students. Also, the school lunches and breakfasts could be better tasting and have a variety. It gets very annoying to basically eat the same thing every week.
In terms of academics and the school in general, it isn't bad. However many teachers don't care to interest their students in the subjects they are teaching and there is little to no discipline in the school.
I loved the Dean of Melbourne High, he helps me stay out of trouble when I attain. I also loved lunchtime because get gives me time to socialize with my peers. After graduation, I got a job working in the cafeteria for 3 years.
Melbourne High school is a very diverse place. Melbourne high school makes most of everyone that goes here feel welcome. The Admin are very involved in the students lives.
The past two years i have spent at Melbourne Senior High school have been permissible the faculty are for the most part sincere and helpful. The students partly stay in there own cliques. The academics are basic and offer enough to get you into a college of your choice.
For the most part, Melbourne High School was a good experience. I loved most of the teachers that I had throughout my four years. At times it did feel as though the school did not care much about extracurricular besides football and I feel that it is very important for people to take as many as they can.
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After four years as a student at Melbourne Senior High School, the people that go here are very diverse and the staff is incredible. I have been a part of the International Baccalaureate program, and it has been an amazing experience, but I would like to see the program become more organized in the years to come for future IB candidates. I would also like classrooms, specifically science classes, to be able to get more resources for labs or more access to technology, to further the education of all the students on campus.
Melbourne High School is a very unique school. Within its very strict doors, and under its very strict guidance, there are teachers who care about their students. The teachers look at their students and try with all their hearts to help their students get ready for a college or a career. They want to help their students become better people and be better learners. While Mel High does lack in some areas, it does make up for those things with the mutual care between staff and student. I believe the people who have helped me, left me with the skills and life lessons that will guide into a better life.
Melbourne Senior High School is a good school with a variety of class choices as well as a great music and sports program.
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