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I am in the IB program at Melbourne High School. I like the drive of the students. All the teachers really care about the students and encourage learning. I love it
I had a fairly good experience while at Melbourne. It was convenient to have Ozarka College nearby. When I went though they changed teachers often. There was probably a new math teacher every year and sometimes another teacher would need replaced, like science or coaches. I feel that the school would be better with more consistency.
Throughout my high school life, all of the teachers have been helpful.
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The extracurricular opportunities at my school extend to everyone not just athletic programs. Most student are very committed to at least one type of club and the teachers are often times just as committed.
I can honestly say that this school feels like home to me and for the last few years I couldn't wait to leave but now that its time to graduate I realize that this school has taught me so much more than just class work. It has taught me how to work with others how to be respectful and most of all I made amazing friends that will be with me for the rest of my life.
The teachers at my school are very knowledgeable and friendly. They are always there for students and are willing to help them in life with more than just homework. The teachers go above and beyond with everything that they do and are genuinely concerned about the well being of the students. The teachers are also very adaptable and will find the best way to teach each individual student and often times will stay after school to help teach students that are struggling in class. Overall the quality of the teachers at my school are beyond anything most others school could ever hope for.
Its average. Not the best ever
Best around the area i believe
Everyone is so friendly to each other, truthfully
Our school just started a new drama club
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