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the class involvement is good and very productive since it is very technology- based. overall, the atmosphere is great and student are respectful.
Our two sons are enrolled in this school. This school provides an education that combines Catholic faith and teaching with academic excellence. It provides them with the opportunity to grow spiritually, academically, and physically. The school teaches our Catholic values of respect, service to others, and moral integrity. They combine this with the small class size to challenge the students academically and hold them accountable for their work. The numerous activities offered here allow them to pursue many interests and join any academic or sports teams. These activities allow them to have leadership roles and develop their character and sportsmanship. The staff at the school encourages them to participate and grow in spirit, mind, and body. This prepares them to become productive citizens and future leaders. The school truly provides a balanced and superior curriculum that integrates our Catholic faith.
I like the diverse atmosphere and the christian attitude that every individual has. The sports are very competitive and successful every year that I have attended Melbourne Central Catholic. The school I attend is college preparatory so I am able to learn college techniques in order to be successful for when I get to college.
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We have 2 sons, 9th and 11th grade currently enrolled and have 2 older children who are alumni at MCC. Our experience with our older children and younger two boys has been excellent. We cannot say enough positive things about the faculty, staff, coaches, clergy, campus and numerous opportunities both academically and extra curricular. We love the faith-filled atmosphere of a Catholic College preparatory school for our children. Our older two have gone on to graduate college with bright future's scholarships and are both successful in their careers as a CPA for a large Accounting Firm and Finance Manager for an Automotive Dealership. MCC had prepared them for college as well as their career path. We have full confidence that our younger boys will be just as prepared and successful in their future due to attending MCC. This school cares about each and every one of its students. They want their students to succeed in school and in life. It is like a family here.
Melbourne Central Catholic provided both my daughters with a rigorous academic program, a variety of extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. All of this was backed with a Catholic education that emphasizes values and respect. Students, teachers and staff all know each other well, which is why MCC feels like more than just a school – it’s a family that is welcoming to all.
Melbourne Central Catholic provided both my daughters with a rigorous academic program, a variety of extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. All of this was backed with a Catholic education that emphasizes values and respect. Students, teachers and staff all know each other well, which is why MCC feels like more than just a school – it’s a family that is welcoming to all.
As an alumnus of MCC, there are a lot of great components of the school: caring teachers, challenging academics, and many extracurricular opportunities, to name a few. However, what really makes MCC so unique is the sense of the community on the campus. The previous school I went to was a high-pressure academic environment where it felt like all the students were just out for themselves.

At MCC, students have plenty of opportunities to excel, but rather than competing with others, it's about students and faculty working together to thrive. At MCC, they care about each and every student. They care about you. And that's something you won't find just anywhere.
I’m a freshman attending Melbourne Central Catholic. Over all I think MCC is great.The teachers are very nice, interactive, and helpful. As a freshman starting high school it can be scary because of things people have said or even movies you’ve watched but MCC is very welcoming and the students that attend MCC are very kind and helpful. I love how active the school is there is always something going on. MCC has a very broad variety of sports to chose from; cheerleading, football, basketball, volleyball, golf, swim etc. As you can see I love MCC and would definitely recommend it to anyone considering to attend MCC.
MCC is large enough and diverse enough to get an excellent HS experience. As parents we were most impressed by the school culture and level of support to both students and parents. The school utilizes advance technology and continues to add start of the art improvements and expansions to the private school, most recently including a new field house, turf fields and a STEM Lab. Our son has never been happier or more successful in school. He has learned discipline, strong study skills, but is also involved as a three sport athlete, in clubs and in service in his community. He is in a college prep program and I have no doubt he will be ready for university next year. His learning disabilities were addressed and accomodated. He is now in his senior year and has already been accepted to his #1 choice 4 yr university.
What I loved so much about about my four years at Melbourne Central catholic was the amount of help they have for you. I feel bad that I never really Canted it when it as offered. Melbourne Central Catholic is really more of a family than a school you have teachers interacting with you you are able to email and ask information anytime. You can receive extra time and that's amazing I have test anxiety and they just make you feel comfortable.
My son is a junior and loves Melbourne Central Catholic. The teachers care about each individual student and Student Services keep good track of your grades and college readiness. They want you to be involved in sports and/or clubs , not just focused on academics.
Melbourne Central Catholic has been an excellent start to my high school experience. During my freshman year, I noticed that there were many clubs, organizations, and sports teams to participate in. Teachers and counselors at Melbourne Central Catholic also send emails and make announcements encouraging students to get involved in clubs, activities, and service opportunities both in and out of school. One thing that excels in particular at MCC is the academics. MCC offers regular, honors, and Advanced Placement courses according to which learning track is right for each student. At MCC you don't feel like you are just a number due to interpersonal relationships formed between teachers, peers, and guidance counselors. The sense of caring at MCC is apparent both in and out of the classroom, and a faith based environment is evident.
From the initial tour as a prospective family up to now, my husband and I could not be happier with our experience at MCC. We had excellent communication via email throughout the admissions process. My daughter's experience at this school has been amazing. Teachers and guidance counselors are easily accessible via email / phone when necessary. She was encouraged to become involved as soon as she began the school year. She is surrounded by driven, high achieving students which creates an academic environment that she is thriving in. The focus on post-secondary goals in all aspects of life is very reassuring as a parent. Faith, academics, and becoming a responsible member of the greater society is part of the daily routine. The amount of college scholarship money earned each year is beyond incomparable. I would highly recommend this school to any parent who wants the best all around education for their child.
I really enjoyed my time at Melbourne Central Catholic. I felt like my classes definitely prepared me for college. I would have benefited from a few more classes or tutoring for SAT testing techniques. Overall it was a great experience!
Melbourne Central Catholic is a great school. The best thing about it is that every class is small, so you can get the one on one help from the teachers. Also since the school is smaller you know everyone and best of all, the teachers can get to know you.
When I attended, there was a big push on AP classes. I wish I had the opportunity to dual enroll in the local college, in order to graduate with my AA degree at the same time. The school at the time was about 400 students, so everyone knew everyone, and there was a sense of community.
I started my children at Melbourne Central Catholic because I have a strong belief in Catholic Education. MCC far surpassed any expectations with a great mix of academics, faith, extracurricular activities, and student life. My son graduated with honors and my daughter is on the honor role with every report card. The teachers and staff are first rate and truly care about the students well being. There is a great mix of sports(regional champions--state champions) and extra activities for the students to take part in. They make friends from all over the county. Melbourne Central Catholic is not just a school--it's family. One that my children and I are proud to be a part of.
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MCC was a very awesome experience for me. I became very involved with their clubs, activities, and sports. The small environment made learning easy, and the teachers were always caring and helped me as a student. I am grateful for my four years at MCC and highly recommend it to other students.
I'm an international exchange student at MCC. It has a beautiful campus and teachers a lot. My teachers, especially the science teacher, Ms Ball helped me to improve my English and Science skills when I first arrived in America. Also the ESL teacher, Ms. Harris, is very good and speaks very clearly so I can understand. She cares a lot about my work and helps me with all of my classes at MCC. I improved my English really quickly and can now write essays. I don't like the food and the gym class is not that interesting.
MCC is good. The teachers are very nice, intelligent, and I like Ms. Detty. The buildings are huge and you can get lost easily. They pray a lot.