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Melba High School gave me a learning environment that enabled me to learn as much as I could. I learned that I have a passion for agriculture through the Melba FFA program and being in the rural community of Melba. I met life-long friends that also set their academics as a priority. A perk of Melba High School is the community support that you witness everyday. The school will sometimes raise money for people in the community that need the assistance. Melba High School provided me an exceptional education.
Melba High School covers all of the essential needs a Student could have for all areas of academic life. Ever since transferring to this school from out of state as a Sophomore I have been thoroughly impressed. I graduated in 2016, now my younger siblings attend Melba High School. The high standards set for the students have not been compromised. Overall this school cannot be beat!
My experience with Melba High School is very positive. It is a small school so everyone knows everyone.I love that when something bad happens we all come closer together. We help each other. Melba is a sports oriented type school. Melba is very competitive and has some amazing athletes that are well known. Something I would like to see changed would be that the school needs to make educating their students their number one priority over sports.
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I am currently assisting Hispanic students with Gradpoint during the summer in order for them to graduate on time with their classmates and improve their math and science skills.
There are ways for most students to get involved in what they like. However, there is an absence of support for the lgbt community.
The small class setting and environment is a big aspect of what makes the school great. There is the possibility to get involved in something that interests you.
The staff does their best to help every student achieve their best. There is a great support system for all students.
The teachers at my school are great, although not always perfect and the most controlling but they do try. Teaching is a tough job! They are preparing the future scientists, engineers, business people, bankers, and even teachers. It is one of the greatest things to do and share knowledge to others. The teachers at Melba High School are influential and helpful, trying their best to teach what they know and exceed the learning standards and achievement scores.
This school is very good at being personnel with its students. I would go to this school again because they care a lot about the success of their students.
The academics are good and most of the teachers care about their students. There are not as many higher level classes as are at larger schools but they have some. The IDLA classes offer some other higher level classes.
There is a group called TRIO that helps the students get into colleges and get the help they need advancing to the next step. The school is fairly nice and the counselors help a lot.
This school is very small and out in the country, a lot of people are involved in drinking and some do drugs. But the school is very safe and kids are very respectful of one another. I have never felt unsafe in my school and I really think it is a very safe school.
It is hard for the lunch lady's because students are only allowed 500 calories and they have to serve so little of things. The pizza is usually pretty greasy and the food is kind of hard on students stomachs because it is not the healthiest. There is usually salad but students do not get a lot of it due to the lunch policies, so it is not very filling and causes students to avoid it.
The dress code is fairly strict. We have a green dot program that stands against bullying. This is not a huge issue at this school. The principle and counselor do a good job helping students. A punishment a lot of students get is cleaning the lunch room after break (a small break where breakfast is provided after 2nd period) and after lunch. They do good at encouraging students to attend class and have ways to make up a class if you miss a period.
There are a few P.E. classes that are offered at this school. There are also multiple sport opportunities for each season. The students are very involved in sports. The cross-country and track teams have done well since I have been there. The football team has struggled a little and so has the baseball team. The softball team is usually very successful and so is the wrestling team. The volleyball team is usually decent. The marching band, the past three years we have had one, is usually not that good. We also have a dance and cheer leading team who seem to do decent.

A lot of students support the sporting events and the majority of the school is involved in athletics. A lot of the students are also involved in P.E. classes as well.

Since Melba is a small school some of the equipment available is not the greatest but we make due with what we have.
A lot of the teacher care about their students and have good teaching styles. There are a few who do not, and who favor students. For the most part the teachers seem knowledgeable in their different areas. They do care about their students a lot and do well being personable with each of them.
We have a lot of the sports that other schools offer, it is a very small school though and is missing some of the sports other schools have. There are also not quite as many clubs as other schools have. One of the clubs that seems to suffer the worst is band. There are mainly middle school aged kids involved and only a few high school aged kids. They are grouped into one class and there has been a different teacher the past two years, and will be a new one this next year.

A club a lot of people are involved in is BPA. The students are also involved in football and HOSA. These clubs seem to be the most supported by the students and faculty.
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I felt very ready for college. Once I got started it was a bit of a shock, the engineering major is harder than I anticipated. I worked very hard though and was able to pass all my classes this first year and have a reasonable GPA. My Physics class from Melba High School prepared me a lot for Engineering classes and my English class my senior year prepared me for my Writing class.
I actually came from Kuna High School, so when I transferred here I was able to graduate early.
They are not a lot of things to get into, but what they have is what they do and they take pride in what they do.
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