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Elementary was great. Going to elementary school at Mekeel gave me a great foundation, teaching me good morals and how to decern right from wrong. The high school is becoming more and more corrupt. They recruit student for sports and many of the recruits are horrible influences.
Mekeel Christian is a good school for younger children. Their sports programs are very devoted. The Biblical integration helps to build faith. The building needs much repair.
Mekeel is on its way to being one of the premier private schools in the capital district. Teachers at Mekeel are mostly very qualified although there are some exceptions where teachers are teaching courses they may not know the most about. This being said, I have also been taught by multiple teachers with PHD's and my overall experience with teachers has been positive. One of the most special things about Mekeel is the close relationship between teachers and students.
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My children have been attending Mekeel Christian Academy since elementary school. Both children have thrived in the academic setting as proven by PSAT and SAT testing. My oldest daughter has now gone to a four year college where she has already proven her preparedness by her 4.0 and through an award for her writing. She frequently refers to her gratitude for the ways her teachers prepared her for the rigors of academic life.

But more than academics, I am grateful for teachers and administrators who daily demonstrate their care for the children of Mekeel. The emphasis on godly character and the training in Christian responses to life’s experiences will be the most important gift they will receive from Mekeel. As a parent, I am grateful for reinforcement of our family principles, beliefs and world view.
school is unorganized and has a ton of favoritism. Some teachers are really good but others dont care
Mekeel has become a second family to us. The community is outstanding. Teachers are loving and very often go above and beyond for our child. Great sports teams, strong spiritual life for students. My child has memorized more verses than I can count and is lovingly steered towards Christ each day.
My children have been very successful at Mekeel. The teachers are very involved and nurturing, and take interest in the individual students. Academic standards are high, and the transition to engineering school went well for my oldest.
Mekeel Christian Academy has been not only a school, but also a FAMILY to us! Our experience with the school has been beyond what we could have expected, both socially and academically. I have met many staff members on a personal and professional level, whom choose to put the children and their needs before their own. It has been our experience that discipline at Mekeel, is handled with grace and knowledge, not just consequence. For that we are grateful. The school is well worth the investment!
I love MCA. There are strong Christian values, the teachers really care about the kids, there are lots of events for my family to attend and feel part of the MCA community. Athletics are competitive but the school is small enough that every kid who wants to can participate on a team. Parts of the building are old, but each year they make some sort of improvement to it.
Because there are not very many students, the friends you make are more like family. However, sports seem to be the focus rather than education. Their sports programs are very successful, though.
As an alumn of the school I couldn't be more proud of MCA and thankful for my time there. I transferred in in 6th grade and my only regret is that I wasn't able to start sooner. The teachers and coaches really care, the friendships are genuine, and the opportunities were there for me to get the most out of my education. Now I am most thankful for the spiritual impact and Christian values that the school instilled.

I am also very excited about the vision and future of the school. The Board of Directors is Fantastic!
Mekeel's caring faculty and staff are very dedicated to the students that they serve. They go above and beyond everyday helping students grow spiritually and academically. They challenge students to excellence in all areas. We are truly blessed to be a part of the Mekeel family.
I am a current student at Mekeel.

Elementary kids great exposure to interacting with young adults. Mekeel offers “class trips” that the students crowdfund themselves. These trips are opportunities that allow Mekeel kids to get close. Mekeel also offers foreign exchange programs which increases the diversity of the school.

Mekeel’s facility is old and outdated. The school lacks resources that are offered to public education for free. High School students do NOT receive the help and support they need to pursue higher level education as they are not given a designated guidance counselor and exposure.Many academic courses do not give students a strong foundation on track with challenging kids.

Biblically, students are taught hard skill but not challenged. This is due to bible classes being mere memorization and lecture and no practical application. Students leave Mekeel knowing ABOUT the bible but not knowing the JESUS of the bible.
School building is rather old and run down, but good use of the space that is available. Very welcoming atmosphere overall and the close knit attitude of the school is something special. The small amount of students only allows for limited course options but they are strong in the areas that are offered.
Students have the opportunity and ability to play on a competitive varsity sport level . If you aren't interested in sports there are leadership and other clubs that are offered.
Teacher attend professional development seminars
Teachers are very caring and fair in grading. They are always looking and implementing for better ways to engage students and parents. The new administration, curriculum and international student program has enhanced the school.
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Most likely to always be clean
It's really good we have almost every club their is at my school and if we don't have it the staff goes above and beyond to try and get it for the students
Best school because to me it feels like we are all just one big family, everyone knows everyone and we all care about each other
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