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There is plenty of student involvement at Meigs. Almost everyone is in one sport or the other. We have softball, baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, archery, and marching band. The entire community has plenty of school spirit and pride. The stadium is always full during football season no matter the weather. The school requires good academic grades to participate in these activities to encourage classroom performance. Our facilities are all brand new and freshly built and we have pretty good equipment.
Meigs High School has introduced me to some of the best teachers I've ever had. They are so encouraging and helpful. They've helped me get a job, find a career goal, and pushed me to my full potential. One teacher retired and works a substitute now and she still genuinely cares about how I'm dong and asks about how I'm reaching my goals. I have another teacher who is doing his best to get our entire computer class free A+ certification tests because they are expensive and he knows most of us can't afford it.
People at my school do, like in any other, separate into cliques. There's no really popularity competition though. Mostly it's just be nice and be treated nice in return. My school is in the middle of nowhere in a small town so there's not a lot of ethnic diversity and there is some racial prejudice from the trouble making kids. We have foreign exchange students though and everyone is also really nice and welcoming to them.
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My school offers a lot of extracurricular activities. Of course there is a variety of sports but we also have quiz bowl, chess club, drama club, hiking and photograph club, and a lot more. The teachers are very encouraging and helpful. If someone wants to make a need club it's very easy. This year my friend made a diverse book club where we read books about people from different cultures and backgrounds. We also have SkillsUSA and we compete with different schools for state nominations.
I feel my school's security measures are good for our location and the amount of children who attend. There is only one nurse for three schools though and that isn't exactly ideal. My school takes bullying seriously and we have programs like Rachel's Challenge to encourage helping others. Our lunches on the other hand are terrible and not nutritious at all.
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