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I enjoy studying and being a part of Meigs High School. I have taken mostly college prep classes that have readied me for my college career. The teachers are very friendly and do whatever they can to insure my success as a college student and beyond. I have played softball for Meigs High School all four years and this has readied me to be a collegiate softball player at Ohio Valley University. If I could change anything at Meigs High School it would be that they add more classes involving education.
The school itself is fine, the work isn’t too bad and all (coming from an AP student), but the students themselves are the biggest problem here. I’ve been bullied since middle school started and very little has been done about this.
I liked the options that were given to students such as classes, sports, and clubs. It was a friendly atmosphere as well.
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Offers the opportunity to take courses that give you the skills to start careers straight out of high school.
I have seen so many things happen at Meigs High School whether they were good or bad, they had happened. However they were dealt with accordingly. there is some very helpful administration and wonderful people to talk to if you need help with anything or needed someone to talk to.
I've heard the nursing staff was good, but I never went to the nurse's office during my tenure at this school.
clubs are alright, but they aren't the greatest thing ever. they could stand for some improvements.
Awesome, I wouldn't change schools ever! I recommend it highly
Whenever you need anything, need someone to talk to, or need any kind of help, they are always willing there to be there for you!
The different sports group volunteer as well as the band. They all do everything they can to do what's best or be the best.
This school has been the most amazing school I've attended. All of the community is very involved, even when it comes to activities like band, drama, and choir.
The teachers try their hardest to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of the topics we are discussing and are always available to talk to.
I would recommend myself to return to this school if I could. But I'm glad I'm leaving this place, though not for any wrong reason but for the fact that this school thrived to give me and others to obtain a great education and helped better the community. This school taught me more than just a good education, they taught me the golden rule and the proud accomplishment of knowing that "I've made it and I'm at the top". This school made me realize that there's always an up when I'm at the top, I just got to aim higher.
There are clubs and athletic teams for everyone.
Great, all parents and students are involved. We have a great turn out for all events.
Meigs High School is a great school and I have love attending there. All of the teachers are wonderful and go above and beyond the daily work.
I have only been going to this school since August of 2015, and it is really different from my other school. I don't think I would go to this school again, if i was given the choice I would go back to my other school.
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The teachers here are engaging in their lessons and help students, but sometimes they seem like they don't want to be there and aren't really engaged in the lessons.
Dress code is a big problem for the girls at Meigs. Cell phones are just as big of an issue as well. They threaten to take away homecoming or even suspension after so many violations.
Our school has great equipment and amazing athletes. We support our athletes with everything in us.
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