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There is no need for school dress code, which consists of khaki pants and collared shirt. We live in a rural, farming community and not all students can afford to buy additional clothing for school. Most farmers wear jeans, therefore the scho district should change the dress code, especially for those needy students.
It is a small school, which means everyone knows everyone. It's very close-knit. Sports are a very big thing here. Teachers, parents, students, the whole community are very much into high school sports.
Meigs County High School is a typical small town school. This means the teachers are very involved with the students, people who have specific last names are treated significantly better than other students, student drama is everywhere, everyone knows everyone else, and the students grew up together. Aside from that, the Acedemics are exceptional. The English department is through the roof. All of the English teachers are extraordinary and care deeply about their students. The math department is not so good. The range of classes available are improving, and the sports teams are surprisingly very successful. The choir and handbells are incredible and Host two concerts per year thanks to an incredible instructor. The band has room to improve. There are a wide range of teachers on the good to bad scale but this is unavoidable. Meigs High does everything it can to get the students ready for college. It is all-around a pretty good school.
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The greatest school and community. The students are well supported by the entire community. Knowledgeable and caring staff. Sports programs have excelled for decades.
Meigs County High School's extracurricular programs are not well funded but still reach out to many different interests. They are very active in performances, meetings, and in the community.
Meigs County High School's atmosphere is one that is welcoming, prideful, and respectful. Being a small school, the teachers are outreaching and want to grow a relationship with students beyond being a test giver. If I had the chance to start over, I would definitely attend Meigs County High School. Meigs Coumty High school has some of the most friendly people, outgoing religion groups, and progressing athletics.
Overall, the teachers at Meigs County High School do a great job of keeping students engaged. A great majority are well educated and have effective teaching styles. They show a genuine care for students and push us to be the best students possible.
There are many counselors and a nurse at hand for physical and mental needs
The choir puts on concerts twice per year and student council does many things to help out our community.
Since the school is so small, we all feel like family and do not hesitate to ask for help when it's needed.
I have a the best experience with this school.
My experience here has been alright , but its not the best that it could be. I wouldn't choose this school again because it is in such a small town and is not too open with new people.
The school is decent, however it could be a whole lot better. The school is more focused towards its athletic teams such as, football and baseball than it is the knowledge that the students are receiving.
The teachers are very dedicated and sympathetic towards the education of the students. Many teachers use different methods to teach, knowing that not all students learn the same way.
The Football and Basketball games are always the most popular sports to attend. The Basketball, Golf, and Softball Teams are the most successful.
Meigs County High School has a zero tolerance policy against bullying and doest the very best to make sure everyone is safe.
They do the best with what they have, but they don't have very much. It's very small and ranks consistently lower than the surrounding schools.
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This school is smaller in class which gives you more one on one time with the teachers.
I never feel unsafe at school. The nurse, however, is also a teacher so her hours in the office are limited.
The worst thing about this school is that the classes are not waited. Students taking easy classes and passing with great grades are placed higher than those students taking more difficult classes such as honors or dual enrollment and are still passing. It is honestly unfair.
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