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I feel like MHS is my home away from home. Obviously, I have spend just as much time there as I have my real home. It's a big school with just about every personality you can think of. I have had some not so good experiences, such as a chemistry teacher who thought a virtual lab on our computers was good enough to count as a real lab experience. This was not the case for the other science teachers who had multiple labs a week. I guess I was one the unfortunate students who got placed in her class. But that experience doesn't compare to rhe many positive ones I've have. Multiple teachers have made an impact on my life. Helped me and inspired me to continue with my dreams.
Amazing high school experience, tons of kids one of the bigger high schools, lots of different faces, different ethnicity’s
Mehlville is a decent enough of a place. Some classes are complete blowoffs. However, it does offer STEM and many dual-credit/ap credit which is nice.
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There is a need for some facilities repairs, but they are currently being fixed. I enjoyed everything about my high school experience. There are a variety of clubs and activities to meet the needs of our diverse student cultures.
They're very into school spirit, which made it a lot of fun. They plan a lot of events and things that really make a great high school experience, especially for a senior!
I'm very appreciative that I attended Mehlville high school, as I enjoyed my experience all 4 years. I made many friends while I went to Mehlville, and even though I've graduated, I'm still seeing them almost every single day. There are plenty of other amazing students who you will meet and become very close friends with. I will miss my teachers the most! Mehlville has so many spectacular teachers who really care about the well-being of their students. My only complaint, however, is the lack of emphasis on academic performance. Everybody cares about football, and the football team is really bad. I agree, going to the Friday night games is an experience unlike any other, but the school prioritizes the sometimes mediocre athletic achievements over the academic performance of the school. Overall, a great school now that Prop R was passed and the budget has increased!
The school offers a diverse field of study , the ability to take college dual credit courses and sports opportunities are excellent.
The staff is well qualified and eager to assist students in the endeavors both in the classroom, in extra curricular activities and in sports.
I loved my time at Mehlville High School. I learned incredible amounts studiously, as well as, about myself. The bonds I formed with teachers has to have been the most important part of my time at Mehlville. The teachers truly cared about the student and were willing to go above and beyond to help them succeed, whether it be buying food for students that couldn't afford it or staying after hours helping struggling students study. My appreciation for the teachers at Mehlville cannot be expressed in words; I can only try by saying that they are the reason Mehlville High School is a national school of character. They taught and continue to teach us how important it is to stay humble, kind, and compassionate. The only thing I'd like to see change is the gratitude the students are giving back to the teachers; the student body should be more grateful for all the hard work our teachers do for us.
Mehlville High had great teachers and ambition towards helping the students grow as people. They always had a new moral theme each month that would help students realize the importance of being a good person and citizen. They would sometimes fall short and end up not accomplishing much, but the thought of at least trying to make the students better people is a great thing.
There's poor discipline regarding bullying and harassment. It seems like the administration has given up on trying to the excessive drug use and smoking that on a daily basis on our campus. Not very many teachers put in an effort to help encourage and uplift their students in and outside the classroom. A few number of teachers actually do work hard to make a difference in their students' lives, but not a majority of them.
I liked the overall sense of care they had for there students. Most of the staff seemed to actually want there students to go on and be successful and they did whatever they could to set us on the right path. That being said, sometimes the rules and freedoms we had were very strict, and I believe there needs to be a better balance with focus on education,while allowing students some freedoms so they do not feel trapped. If you have freedoms and are treated like adults I believe you are more likely to follow the rules that are in place and you will be more eager to succeed in school.
My experiences at Mehlville High School have been amazing so far. The school is relatively diverse, and the teachers there really do seem to care about their students. Having been at Mehlville for 4 years now, I can honestly say that there are not much that I would change. One thing I would change about Mehlville High School is the property itself. It's rather outdated, but hey, it's not too bad.
I love the diversity and all the opportunities here. Taking advanced courses and doing extracurriculars really transformed my high school experience.
I enjoyed being on the varsity lacrosse and swim team. I also enjoy the wide variety of science classes offered at Mehlville High School. They have also won the School of Character award.
I liked the classes that were provided. I also liked how nice the administration was. It was a nice experience and I appreciate the students that had been along for the ride.
I really liked being involved with a lot of the school curricular activities, sports, going to games, and seeing the students showing a lot of school spirit. There is a lot of people that are involved with at least something around the school and they get a chance to do something an average person wouldn't be able to do. The teachers are always checking in with you to see how you are doing in a class and see if you need help with anything. The students around are very polite and will always try their best to succeed on what they want to achieve. Overall it's a great school and would recommend anyone to go to this school.
This school is incredibly diverse and welcoming to all. Teachers push you to do your best and overall the atmosphere is so positive!
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Mehlville is a very diverse school and has great teachers who are always ready to help. We have a wide variety of classes to choose from as well as clubs and activities.
Attending Mehlville has been such a privilege. The teachers are so helpful and personable. I have made many friendships that will last a lifetime. Mehlville athletics were my favorite part. I came from a very small school in the city of St. Louis, and we had such a terrible sports program. I am so thankful that I was able to participate in multiple sports at Mehlville high school.
I loved mehlville high school, because it created memories that I will never forget. I met new people that help shape into the person I am today. It definitely got me ready for college. I wish the school would make decisions on what the student want, to help make mehlville a better place
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