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I like the small community which provides the opportunity for closer interaction between the faculty and students. However, absolutely NO emphasis is placed on posturing the higher performing students for success.
I love this school I moved to this school from a much larger school and they accepted me into their school and had no judgement I felt very welcomed by the students and the staff.
I did not really enjoy my experience there. Cliques are terrible in the high school and the whole town.(Ultimately, people in sports were taken care of better than people in others, such as band, drama, and art)The dress codes they have there are too much You cannot show any of your shoulders and shorts are basically a no go. Pants were not allowed to have any holes in them on girls, and they didn't care if the guys did. The teachers there vary. There are a few great ones, but a lot are cruel. One teacher even threw a kid out of that kids desk, just because the kids had accidentally fell asleep. He was literally thrown out! And I myself have been yelled at and demeaned by a teacher to the brink of tears.However, the teachers who are good do teach well. Overall, if I had kids in the future, this school would never be a primary choice for me.
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have enjoyed my time at Meeker Schools.. hopefully in the future all students can be treated equal
for the most parts the teachers are the best.. get past the non caring ones and the rest are of high quality especially for the lack of monies
The extra-curricular activities at Meeker are highly advertised at school with little participation. Not many people dress up during homecoming week, and the few that do are involved in either student council or a sport of their own. The school staff and student council does not try to get many people outside involved. They just stick to the ones that participate.
This school is unique because of the kindness of staff and students. I transferred to Meeker in the middle of my sophomore year and have not felt more at home at any of the many schools I have attended. Meeker makes getting up for school in the morning so miserable, and that is why I would choose this school again if I could do it all over.
The teachers at Meeker treat students with much respect and do not look down upon them. They are knowledgable in the topics they teach, and put out the effort to teach the students. The teaching styles vary from teachers that give lots of homework, to the ones that are just about working in time set in the classroom.
The students here are top notch always pushing me to my academic highest as i pursue the valedictorian spot. The school has a good environment and small its almost like we are all a family here and we try to keep each other happy all the time. My favorite experience at this school would have to be going to the state semi finals in football with an amazing team. I would love to choose this school again.
The teachers here are always looking for ways to get us more involved in our learning experiences and helping us to learn to the best of our abilities. They continue to strive for excellence and for the best they can do. Their are few teachers though that do not do a good job helping students to learn and grow academically
I moved to this school from an area where soccer was much more popular, and this school's lack of a soccer team greatly disappointed me, and is my least favorite thing about this school. I also had trouble getting into challenging classes, because this smaller school doesn't typically allow students to advance as far as larger schools. Overall though, the student body is very kind, and the administrators were helpful when I needed assistance.
another reason we chose a smaller school-
Love Mr Hedge and the office staff.
I didn't want my son to get lost in a big school, so this school was perfect, I wish they would have had a better band program
MHS is a small school, with not a lot of money. Most support has to come from alum and town supporters. Very sports oriented
I think this school is very safe.
I've been when it was bad now the sports programs are preaty good
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The teachers and administration try to provide a safe and healthy school. But they're not taken seriously by the students. Federal mandates have made lunches healthier, and snack machines healthier. But the quality of the school lunches has suffered because of it.
The sports areas are new and nice. The school facilities are a mix of new and old.
Many extracurricular clubs meet at lunch and before school. Few meet after school. Have trouble finding sponsors for activities.
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