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Meeker High School is located in a small town in Colorado. It provides students with many opportunities to travel and experience new things. The sports program is great we have very athletic students and always seem to be somewhere towards the top of our leagues. However, Meeker is all about names so if you don't have the right last name you will be discriminated against. An example of this is the kids with the right name are more likely to be given more opportunities in class to succeed and they are going to get priority in varsity sports against other students. Meeker is also all about sports so if you are a student interested in the performing arts and other programs, there is not very much interest or funding for those areas. Except FFA because agriculture is a huge part of our small town. The social scene is good with students being overall very welcoming to new students.
The school offers a lot of opportunities to be active after school especially in sports and FFA. These clubs are popular and present many opportunities to kids in the school. FBLA and band and choir are great too.
Parents and community are very involved in this school and are always willing to help pay, fund, feed, or support kids.
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The teachers do a great job of helping out students and keeping them on track with the course work. Students and teachers can communicate in and out of classrooms for a broader learning experience. Often times the teachers involve themselves in other activities with the school and/or town and get busy- yet they still find time for their students.
Even though we don't have security guards or police, it feels very safe. We regularly do fire and lockdown drills, but we never have the need to put them into play.
There is a lot of stress to do sports as an extracurricular, but overall people don't have problems staying busy.
It's good, but due to the typical small town atmosphere, people already have preconceived notions of who you are. Also there is much more involvement with athletics versus other extracurriculars.
Overall they all try very hard to meet the needs of all students. They do not however give much homework, which could be a problem in the long run.
Security is not a huge priority in my school, but if there was a problem I think we would all be fine.
The clubs and organizations that we have are very involved and successful. Yet we don't offer very many options mainly because we are such a small school.
This school is okay for a small school system but has been in the middle of a financial crisis, I think I would've had more opportunities at a larger school.
Depending on the teachers some go above and beyond. Other teachers don't care as much and don't put in the effort.
There are many clubs available to all. Some of our different clubs include: National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Future Farmers of America, Family Career and Community Leaders of America.
Our school has a high diversity of students. We've had a few students that have taken the wrong path but overall most have stayed on top of things and have moved up in their high school career. The school is safe. If we are ever in danger we can turn to any adult in the school to help us. It is always available.
The teachers at our school are very interested in our future and they always make sure we are showing our full potential. If any student ever needs help they are available to help us out. The knowledge they contain is very high quality. They know what they are doing and they teach us to the best of their ability. I have learned so much from all the teachers at my high school. Without them I would not know as much as I do today.
The principal at our school cares greatly of our overall appearance. She is always checking that we are dressed appropriatly and that everything around the school is going good. The office staff is very helpful. They are always there to help us when we need help. Without them we would be lost. The guidance counselor has helped many students. She is usually available to help, but with only one our time is very limited. Overall our school staff is great.
The teachers help us grow and learn more.
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They care for our health greatly.
Alot of name game choosing for the good positions. Wrestling coaches do a fantastic job
This school has plenty of extra curriculars, it's a small town that has plenty of community involvement.
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