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Meek high school is a well organized and we'll rounded school. It is relatively small school, but it is a good school.
I loved my high school career here. It's a small school so it's very family oriented and it feels like a family when you attend this school.
The teachers at MHS are of very high quality. The majority of them have master degrees. Each teacher uses their own unique teaching style. Some use a lot of technology and some stick to the books. All of the teachers take interest in their students lives. The teachers are easy to talk to and very approachable. All of their grading skills are consistent.
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Many of the students at MHS participate in extra curricular activities and clubs. We have a variety of clubs from Junior Civilians to FFA. Almost every student is a member of at least one club. The administration is very supportive. Almost every teacher has his/her own club. The club with the most participation would be FCCLA because they fundraise in many different fun ways for charities.
Attending this school has been a pretty good experience. I have learned a lot. Some of my favorite experiences have been attending athletic events and going to competitions to support my classmates. What makes my school unique is that the whole student body works as one in academics and extra curricular activities. If I could do it all over, I would choose this school again because I love everything about it.
I think Meek High School is very safe. Bullying is taken very seriously and rarely happens. If it was ever needed, the police could be there in minutes to hands whatever situation was at hand. The school nurse is highly qualified for her job and does her best whenever her services are needed.
Meek High School's cafeteria has a variety of heathy choices for the students and faculty to choose from. The food accommodations could use improvement for students with allergies and magical conditions.
Meek High School offers many different sports for any student. There is football, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, softball, baseball, and track. Some of the teams are not the greatest but they have a fantastic support system from the student body. Most of the students at the school are involved in at least one sport. The fitness room, (weight room), is available for all students to use.
Meek High School has a great faculty. The faculty is very involved in getting the parents involved in what their student is learning or whether he/she is having trouble in school. The technology available to students is pretty great. There are three computer labs, two sets of iPads, and unlimited internet access. Our guidance counselor is very good at getting students involved in college prep courses. Many of our students do dual enrollment for all different types of college classes. The teachers also offer after school tutoring in any subject for any student who is struggling.
Meek High School is decent about enforcing the rules. The guidance counselor and the principal try their hardest to keep all of the students in line. It can be hard for them to enforce some rules such as dress code and skipping class because you cannot control what the students wear to school, you can only send them home. It is also out of their control if a student does not come to school. Our faculty is very strict about our anti bullying policy. Any form of bullying that goes on, the bully in the situation is automatically given in school suspension. Overall, Meek High School has a decent discipline system.
The teachers at Meek High School definitely go out of their way to make sure that their students are learning as much as possible. If some students are having trouble, most of the teachers offer after school tutoring. The teachers are very patient and teach at a pace that is suitable for everyone. Meek High School definitely have some of the best teachers in the state.
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