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Medway High School is a fantastic school, Faculty and Student Leaders are very welcoming and do a great job getting kids involved. We are very close knit community. I really enjoy Medway High School.
My experience at Medway High School was very good. All the teachers and administration are very nice and welcoming to school and classes. The athletics have been very good throughout my high school carrier with a lot of winning seasons. Something I would change differently about Medway High School would be the scheduling because I think we should have more classes a day in a shorter class time period.
Medway is alright. I have only attended the school for two years and this year is my last year. The staff and administration have wonderful personalities and do their best to spread positivity as well as keep discipline in place in school. They really do more than accredited.
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Medway High is an excellent school. Although it is not very diverse, there are a many great clubs and classes. Massachusetts on its own is known for its great school systems but Medway is high up there in greatness. The teachers are great, especially the English and Math teachers.
Medway High School is a great community, very supportive and helpful in preparing students for there future endeavors. Medway HS, has done nothing but excellence in providing my family the resources they've needed to succeed.
teachers have favorites guidance counselors have OBVIOUS favorites and make it a top priority to take care of them before everyone else. building needs work. food is awful so come with a lunch. clubs are super disorganized. the only thing actually good are the academics
I am going to be a senior this year. My high school experience has been great! I feel like I am very prepared to start the college process. My guidance counselors and teachers throughout the years have given me the chance to accel in my education.
I love Medway high school because everyone treats you like family and the teachers support you and helps you to become a better learner. Teachers at Medway High school definitely helps us, student, if we are really dedicated to learning. My favorite subject in high school is History. One of my favorite history teachers really taught me how to re-read every information from a text to answer complex questions. The six flags trip was really fun, I got to bond with my friends. Right now, I'm a Freshman becoming a sophomore, I plan to support my clubs each year until I graduate. I'm in Women in Stem, girls who code, and 40% club of happiness and joy. Medway High school is all about working hard, building trust with other classmate, and having fun while living life
As a student of Medway in the class of 2017, all I really have to say about the school and the district as a whole are good things. The students there are phenomenal, they focus hard on their studies and are overall very friendly and inviting. Medway is a tight-knit community that you can count on in troubling times, as seen when tragedy struck in October of 2015 on the small town. The teachers are all very qualified and know what they are doing, as are the administration. The athletics are also something to boast about because they offer just about anything.
Medway High School is overall a wonderful school with incredibly helpful and caring teachers, an interesting and rigorous curriculum, and incredible extracurricular activities that allowed me to get tons of experience doing music and theatre.
It was always very safe, however, there was little diversity and opportunity to expand your horizons.
Medway high school is a very safe school. Teachers care a lot about students, great curriculum. Good athletics, nice campus... school is gorgeous, nicest around.
Being a townie and having generations of my family live here at Medway for years, I love being apart of Medway. There are so many good people here at the high school that is always willing to help you with school, and other problems that highschoolers may face. Medway has so many activities to offer after school and before school, where students can interact and meet new people.
Medway Highschool has prepared me for my many years to come studying in college. The teachers go above and beyond to help the students thrive, staying before and after school, creating extra materials, and aligning us with the best opportunities for success. The only thing I wish was that they didn’t bring in a handful of new teachers my senior year, it feels like a trial run and isn’t preparing me for the classes I will take in college.
During my time at Medway High, I have faced challenges, including overcoming a hard class. When I entered high school last year I had no idea what to expect. I took two honors classes, History and English, and liked my teachers very much. However, certain aspects of their classes were different than what I had previously experienced. For the first test that I took, I did not study the textbook like my teacher had advised, expecting to pass the test. When I received my grade, I recieved a fifty-seven. I knew that I must work harder if I wanted a good grade. I made sure that I completely understood the material before taking a test. By the end of the year I earned a ninety-eight on a test. Hard work does pay off. Struggling can be beneficial in teaching you how good achieving a goal can feel. Medway High has much to offer, and many new learning opportunities to experience for all its students, whether it’s learning what struggling feels like or conquering stage fright.
There are very good educational opportunities at Medway and they do a great job of preparing us for college.
Great Teachers. Great Academics. Great Sports. Great School. Not much that could really be changed. Most classes are challenging enough to push students without being too hard.
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The teachers truly care about their students and will do anything to see them succeed. The teachers will go out of their way to meet with students outside of class room hours in order to ensure that the students are well informed about what is expected of them to learn and how to help them along the way. The school is like a community. During friday nights, all students gather to watch the football team play. It is a fun experience and really gives a sense of love all around.
Medway is a top ranking school both academically and in sports. Many students are challenged with their work load, but there are many ways to get help, from teachers, peers, or the NHS study center. Over all MHS is a good school, that has plenty of resources, and you will succeed if you want to. One drawback is the guidance councilors are not that helpful, but you can always get help from the teachers or the peer counseling room.
I thought that there were a variety of classes available to students and that every student could have one or two classes they enjoyed. I however found the administration very unreasonable at times and enjoyable at others. I am glad I went to Medway because of the friendships I gained and I enjoyed most of my teachers.
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