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a friendly environment, feel prepared for my future, various activities to get involved in. Great teachers!
With constant changes in management none of the good teachers stayed for long. Consolers are unprofessional and that often hurts the students and their well-being. Building is new and has a great feel to it, all technology is very up-to-date. Many interesting classes are offered such as robotics and video editing.
Medway High has a very homey and welcoming environment from the minute you walk in. The students are warm and inviting, the faculty is always open to help you if there's ever an issue, and the administration is always working their hardest to listen to our feedback and to change for the betterment of us all. The only downside is that often times that same Admin makes questionable and hard-hitting decisions without first considering the student body that is the most fundamental piece of the puzzle. Overall, I'd say a solid 4/5.
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I have spent the last four years of my life attending Medway Highschool. I have had good and bad experiences with this school. Medway Highschool succeeds in almost every aspect, whether its the academics or the spirit of the school. I have always felt safe in this building, and after being away from it due to Covid-19, I can personally say that I miss it. From nice faculty to great college preparation, there is little to complain about. One thing that I would like to see change with Medway Highschool is its diversity in students. The town of Medway has a large white population of over 95%. Due to this, Medway Highschool has very little diversity. Besides that, Medway Highschool was a wonderful place to attend as it taught me a lot and prepared me for what is next in my life.
Medway really prepares it;'s students for the journey they are about to embark on. Whether that is the workforce, the military, or a 2/4 year post-secondary education. Most students that come out of Medway High School find success wherever they choose to g.
I think Medway High School is a pretty nice school. We're definitely a lot better off than some other schools. Our school isn't very diverse though, it's mostly white kids with well-paid families. I like going here though, I get a good education and I'm graduating and going to good schools.
Medway High school provides students with a safe learning environment and countless opportunities to grow academically.
Academically Medway is excellent with all new facilities. There are some teachers who are not very good but they are the exception, most are above excellent.
School is not very diverse but I personally had not witnesses racism, or bullying, but that may just be me. I feel very well prepared for college. But
I don't like the schools never ending focus on MCAS and the core curriculum.
It is a big school and so there is an activity for everyone. The school seems to focus exceedingly on ELA to the detriment of Math and STEM but it's not terrible. Overall I had a great experience
We have a wide range of STEM fields and classes. The performing and visual arts departments are wonderful - amazing teachers and classes, however the visual arts classes could use a better chance at expanding their classes to more outside the school (ex. Museum trips, art week, etc.)
Absolutely worst year of schooling I have ever experienced. I went to Medway public my entire life but I only lasted one year at MHS. The administration was horrible and the teachers were even worse. My English class had an incident where a kid was constantly exposing himself in class and nothing was done about it until a few of us had to do something. Worst year of my life. Since then I transfered to Xaverian Brothers High School which is easily 100x better than Medway High. DO NOT GO TO MHS
Food kinda nasty. Teachers don't do good jobs. Schedule is pretty stupid. bad school. I have seen like 2 of culture people. There's so many people at this school but no black/hispanic/ any race people. EVERYONE IS WHITE.
MHS provide students with a challenging course work There's an active and strong school spirit. MHS is generally a safe environment. There are a good variety of clubs, sports and theater & arts programs. I had the opportunity to travel abroad on a class school trip. The building and campus are well maintained. The faculty are very involved in student life.
Medway High School has been good for me in my past four years here. We are growing in diversity which is incredible, and everyone is very friendly with one another. There is always a friend group if you are going to attend this school , and no one is ever left out, that is made sure of with our NHS and Best Buddies clubs. We have a multitude of extra curricular activities and sports that can help you get integrated and know people if you are new, and everyone is welcoming. The school radiates the feeling of being safe and connected with other students and faculty here. The workload is average for the students, and the teaching is very good, the teachers make sure there are after school hours where you can get help if needed and have safe non-judgmental environments. There are more and more PLTW courses that are being offered as electives to students each year.
Medway High School has been a school full of little diversity and a lot of change. People are in groups based on who they are and what they do which makes it hard to fit in. It is a school where people may not see that they have what things that other people do not.
I had a great time at medway high school the education is great! I love all my teachers that I have ever had here.
Many of the teachers are young, yet experienced, leading to phenomenal student-faculty relationships. I also found that the school prepared students extremely well for post-secondary plans. AP and honors classes were rigorous which helped students develop the necessary time management and organizational skills for their college careers.
Medway High School is a fantastic school, Faculty and Student Leaders are very welcoming and do a great job getting kids involved. We are very close knit community. I really enjoy Medway High School.
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My experience at Medway High School was very good. All the teachers and administration are very nice and welcoming to school and classes. The athletics have been very good throughout my high school carrier with a lot of winning seasons. Something I would change differently about Medway High School would be the scheduling because I think we should have more classes a day in a shorter class time period.
Medway is alright. I have only attended the school for two years and this year is my last year. The staff and administration have wonderful personalities and do their best to spread positivity as well as keep discipline in place in school. They really do more than accredited.
Medway High is an excellent school. Although it is not very diverse, there are a many great clubs and classes. Massachusetts on its own is known for its great school systems but Medway is high up there in greatness. The teachers are great, especially the English and Math teachers.
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