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Medora Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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The school is okay but very underfunded. The staff is nice and treat the students like family. There are some strict and ridiculous rules, but overall it is a good and small community.
I love Medora high school because it is so small. There are only about 215 people in the grades k-12. Everyone has a chance to do what they want because only a few people participate. I wish that we would gain some more caring students that want to change the way Medora looks. We have always had the reputation of being "not good" and I don't agree with that. The students could change that perspective.
Mrs. Kieser is the best teacher at Medora High School. She teaches housing, texfiles, nutrition, and child development. The workload is manageable. If you need help on the work, the teachers are glad to help when they have time. I scheduled my classes very quickly and I am in every class I wanted to be in. They work with you so you get what you want. The popular classes are mostly Mrs. Kieser's classes.
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There is an after-school program that helps kindergarten through 7th grade students with homework. The children get extra help on their work so they understand it better. Band has concerts for the whole school during a Christmas concert in December so they practice after school most days.
I would choose this school again because the whole school welcomed me and made me feel like I was cared for. The teachers are there for you whenever you need them.
My teachers are caring and try their best to help.
My overall experience at Medora Jr./Sr. High School has been wonderful. The class becomes a family and we can all rely on each other. A few years ago, a girl in our class passed away. It was hard on all of us. But instead of all the negativity that could've came, we all pulled together and helped each other get through the rough time. This school has honestly been everything I ever could've dreamed of. I would like it is there were more elective choices but the choices we have aren't bad. The relationships I've developed with the people at this school have become something I wouldn't change for the world. My high school experience has honestly been one that I won't ever forget.
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