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I would like to see to some change to the to the the book in the class, some of the books we have are very old and need to be be updated and are falling apart. I would also like to see some change to some of the sport team, like the track and field team don't have all the equipment they need and if the do it all old and getting rusty.
Guys walking in halls with loud speakers, and they had to close off some bathrooms because the boys were smoking some pot in there. No discipline at all, and if so, they discipline the wrong people
Medomak Valley High School was a small school in a small town. There were five towns under one roof. The school as a building was not as good as it should have been. There were water problems, run down rooms, and a lot of heating issues, but that is not what mattered to me as a student. The teachers at Medomak Valley have the biggest hearts and pride for their school. All of my teachers cared about me and what I wanted to do with my life. They all helped me achieve my goals. I still see a lot of my teachers around town (I graduated last year) and they always greet me with a hug and a million questions of what I am doing with my life. Many teachers gave me advice about how life actually works. From Mr. Newcomb, Mr. Robbins, and Mr. Hill I learned that hard work gets you far, but you need to always be alert and aware of things getting in your way. I loved my time at Medomak Valley because of the family atmosphere and the dedication to teaching.
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The school building is a little worn down and needs some adjustments in some areas, but I had an overall great experience here during my four high school years; Medomak Valley offers many programs from the arts, to academics, to sports. The teachers sit down and help students when they are struggling and they really care about their futures. I created great friendships with my teachers and even greater connections through the programs that Medomak offered to me. Great school spirit and a great community; I definitely recommend to any student considering this school.
Medomak is a school that welcomes everyone with open arms. The staff are friendly and cooperative and the classes have a wide variety. As a whole we are a community though we don't have as much diversity as we would like to see.
Being involved in the community and school activities is really what makes the expierence good at Medomak. Although the academics may not be the best, there is opportunities for everyone.
I honestly had a great experience while attending Medomak Valley High School. However, if the water issue could be fixed that would be great. It is dangerous to have water so toxic that you must block off all access and have plastic water bottles sent in. Many of the lockers are also broken. Staff are great, I have quite a few teachers that helped me greatly in being prepared for college and so far I have been extremely prepared in all my classes. Also make sure proper background checks or something is done for new teachers coming in because there have been a few sketchy educators.
I am not an expert at everything that Medomak offers, however I am fully involved in almost every AP class that it offers, as well as groups that help others like freshmen adapt to high school successfully. I love the honors classes offered at Medomak too. These classes have molded me as an individual to success, and the teachers there have helped me every step of the way.
The teachers at Medomak Valley High School vary. Each teacher is unique, and while some teachers go above and beyond to teach their kids, not all teachers are that effective. Most teachers take time out of their day and even some weekends to teach and are all very understanding to problems that come up. Most teachers are fair and make class interesting. I find the AP teachers at Medomak very, very good at their jobs and make the day go by quickly.
My children have excelled in this school but I believe it is only because I am a very involved parent. I can definitely see children that parents are not involved getting less help from teachers. Even though my children are high academics they are still scoring low on standardized testing as compared to other richer communities in our state.
The food services are nice, but the food itself isn't exactly worth eating.
The extracurriculars at Medomak Valley are mostly just spots. We have a diversity team, but that's about it.
The food that is served is alright. A there are usually different choices, so if you don't like what they are serving you could get a sandwich or salad bar. Usually I bring my own lunch to school, that way I can eat what I want too; but sometimes I will get the school's chicken burgers.
There are many AP and honors classes available at MVHS. There are many different classes that people can take to get there required credits for arts and gym (especially if a person doesn't like those subjects).
MVHS staff are usually there to help students, and are willing to help any student that asks! The dress code is understandable (except for the "no wearing yoga pant"). I only wish the staff members in charge of enforcing these policies would enforce them equally upon everyone.
MVHS is a great school, the teachers love to help students, and our school is full of school spirit. MVHS is ever growing in athletics, clubs, and academics.
Academics are pretty straightforward, with the usual CP, Honors, and AP courses. We have quite a few different math, english, science classes (usually a choice between two for each year, but sometimes three or more); and a large variety of electives- ranging from beginning piano to clay, and studio painting. Its pretty great, but by the time Senior year rolls around, you've usually exhausted your classes of interest.
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Bullying does happen, but for the most part the teachers are very supportive in eliminating the problem. The dress code is pretty standard, though enforcement varies-some students can get away with breaking it, and others are policed almost daily. Medomak's attendance is fairly good, usually ranging from 85-95% each month. Other policies are fairly standard.
We usually have at least one bomb threat each year, and the administration take them seriously, but usually they are empty threats.
We have security cameras in most hallways, the cafeteria, and a few outside.
This school is quite safe, but things happen from time to time.
This school is pretty good, but there aren't many clubs, and only basic sports. However, there are a few electives that are interesting and fun. If i could do it all over, I might choose to go here again.
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