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Medina Valley Middle School Reviews

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Where do I begin..
No cameras, overcrowding, not enough staff walking around monitoring .. to account for the lack of surveillance and worst of all, bullying is not taken seriously.
My daughter was pushed to the ground on her very first day of 6th grade here, new to the school and was actually excited for middle school. :/ She has also been verbally bullied by a girl in her class since early in the year. I have reported this to the principal, but nothing was done to mediate the situation. My daughter continues to be bullied and has now been physically pushed by this other girl.
This school is very outdated and really needs to step it up in regards to technology and security for our children.
Only good thing is the lady in the front office. She’s always been very sweet and helpful.
I still cannot wait to move back to NISD.
I think this school is to strict and religious. I think that's why they have a lot of rules because they're to religious. Other than that if you follow their rules and make friends easily, this school can be a fun school. The pep rallies are amazing!! The graduating classes fight for the spirit stick and bring a lot of decorations to really win the spirit stick. The teachers are helpful and are understanding. I've never been to a school so understanding and fun.
It's more or less what a person would expect from a public school. I wouldn't exactly say my teachers were the best, but they weren't the worst either. The size of the school is growing rapidly and I think that's one of the biggest problems the school has now.
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The building of the main school is severely lacking as the school is undergoing a rapid increase of student populations, causing the hallways to become constricted in walking space and reducing movement speed. There is a break between the buildings as you must go outside to get from one to another and the openness is very refreshing after being crowded. Counselors are the most helpful I've encountered as I've moved around many different high school. Any time I had a question the counselors would quickly and effectively give me an answer.
The football field doesn't use turf and is genuine grass and the soccer team also shares the field. I'm not sure if this a problem for the football team but as a marching band member, it really has a hard aspect to march on compared to other stadiums where the ground is even and flat. The other facilities are well kept and have continually maintained.
In my experience I've never had to approach a teacher for grade consistency and most times I was easily able to understand the material with the various teaching methods enacted by the teachers.
The school is good in terms of racial equality and diversity, however acceptance is the most challenging as other students are conformist and it is difficult to find a middle ground with others who outwardly express themselves in daily activities. Unless you're in band and theater, where you're always accepted.
I was involved with band and the current director really pushes us to do great rather than mediocre. Also other clubs are well versed in their professions as well in competitions and are supported.
I've never had to go to the nurse, however other students who have gone are taken care of with efficiency.
This school appears to be among the safest.
I achieved my grades through study and hard work, so it was very irritating to see those who cheated were ranked higher--even though their ACT scores showed their true learning. I enjoyed becoming the number one girls' tennis player both in my district through six years of competition both through the school and by entering summer tournaments. My school choices were limited because there is only one high school where I live and my mother is a teacher there.
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