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Medina Valley High School is a great small town school, which has a great everybody knows everybody feel. The diversity and school culture here is out of this world, and the academics and athletics show for it. We as a student body love to get better every day, and always strive for improvement in every subject, and love particapating in our community. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else
I've been to two districts. Before I moved to medina valley I noticed how cruel people can be. My sister had experienced bullying when she was in elementary and she became very self conscious and would say terrible things about herself. We informed the principle and staff and they did nothing about. Everytime they dismissed it and said that there was nothing they could do. We eventually moved and my sister was happier and she doesnt allow herself or others to degrade her. She has real friends who treat her right and shes happy now. I've seen a difference in the community at medina valley ISD and I'm glad I go to school here
I’ve attended Medina Valley since 7th grade and I’ve really enjoyed the school. The most of the teachers are great and they have dual credit classes so you can get college class credits while in high school.
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Great place and community that values a culture of excellence. Caring administration with a slightly outdated phone policy. Amazing teacher that prepare us for our future.
Last year!!! I'm out. Pretty nice for a high school. Love to be there sometimes and not all the time. But what student likes school when they are in school, we don't appreciate it until we are out during the summer. XOXO
What I love the most about my school is the Teacher's , they are very helpful , and they take the time out with students .
I moved to Medina Valley my sophomore year. I’ve always been a very shy person but when i got to this school, i immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. People were super sweet and helpful, my sophomore year was great and i loved this school better than the one i went to before. One thing that also caught my attention, was our school spirit, it was amazing seeing how active the students and staff were in the school. I am going on to be a senior on my third year at this school, and they discipline very hard here which is great because students will know the consequences of their actions before. One thing i would change are the teachers, they pick and choose favorites.
I love the involvement of teachers and administration with the students. They want to see you succeed and do whatever it take to help you.
I enjoy being at Medina Valley High School because it is in small town and you know almost everyone in your school. Another great thing about MV is that the administrators and teachers are really caring towards the students. You will see them coming out to support the extracurricular activities. Also, they incorporate fun activities at school to help you strive for your goals. Medina Valley is truly a great school to be at!
I went to Medina Valley for 2 and a half years and was enrolled in plenty of their AP courses. It’s always been a good school, and I only enjoyed the first school I’ve ever went to in Ohio just a bit better. Thank you MV!
I am surrounded by supportive peers and teachers. We haven’t always had the best stuff, but we’re improving every year in the technology, clubs, and programs that continue to be brought to our school. The teachers want us to be successful and enjoy our education here.
A small country school that is still growing very quickly, administrators take student safely very seriously and take actions in punishing rule breakers swiftly and effectively. Like many students I would like to see growth in coaching staff to help school athletics grow.
Okay school, not the best. Really wish I had attended some schools in the northeast side of San Antonio to get more opportunities. You get what you came for. Small town equals small possibilities.
What I like about Medina Valley is the sense of family. Our administration and teachers make sure students know that they are safe and getting a great education. I feel prepared for college because since freshman year my teachers have been helping me for the journey.
Teachers are amazing! They help you get ready for college and they encourage students to take dual credit. The only bad thing is their lunch but every other school would have the same problem.
Our experience with MV has been satisfactory. Being a military family, we've been with MV longer than any other district. The staff has always been very supportive. Communication with administration needs to be improved. There is not a lot of homework, & the curriculum caters to those in AP classes preparing them for college and not preparing the remainder of the students for workload they should be expecting in college. The school is becoming more integrated as more people are moving into the boundaries of the school district. Sports are big deal, which we love.
I like that Medina Valley is a small community school. Like our town, everybody in the school is close. Our school also does a good job with college preparation with all the classes they offer.
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Medina Valley is a very close-knit community high school. It's administration is focused on each individual student and their path to success. The counseling center is great, easy to communicate with, and is always a great help. Overall MVHS has the qualities of a fantastic school, from its outgoing faculty, to its excellent utilities Medina Valley High School is a wonderful place to attend.
The school itself is ok not anything special the administration seems to only really care about Id’s, or if they see a single hair on your lip, and when to assign Saturday school. As for the teachers some are great other are garbage and genuinely don’t seem to care about actually teaching us the curiculeum. The kids for the most part are ok there are some rude kids in every class but pretty much everyone is chill. As for the curriculum it’s outdated when it comes to using technology. The older teachers and administrators borderline demonize it aside from cyber patriots. As for sports they only REALLY care about football it’s rare you’ll catch an administrator at a basketball game or golf and the other sports programs such as basketball in the off season have 1 coach for 35-50 students it’s frankly ridiculous. Overall the schools ok but there are definitely better options
Medina Valley provided me with a comfortable atmosphere and inspired me to continue growing as both an academician and as a human. I learned a lot of valuable life lessons within the halls of that school and I met many amazing teachers who have impacted my life in endless ways. The impressions that the faculty and staff have left on me will stay with me for many years to come.
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