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I think my school is great: good teachers, nice-enough students, but there are a few things I'd change. One is that we need to up the anti-drug policy because nobody takes it seriously, and you can find people vaping or dabbing in the bathroom everyday.
Medina Valley High School is a place that allows you to grow your knowledge while finding inspiration from extra curricular activities. The teachers know what you will need to know to continue your learning outside of high school or if you don’t go to college you will still have an understanding of the basics that you need.
Median Valley High School is a great school. We have a lot opportunities to get involved and be apart of something in school. We have a range of clubs and sports to support. Most teachers care about you and don't want you to fail. The Dual Credit program is amazing, i love that i can be getting college credit already in high school. As a someone who comes from a less popular sport, I do wish everything didn't revolve around football. But, we are a small town so of course we take football seriously. Honestly proud to be a panther!
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I like that its one of the top schools in San Antonio and how the students are recognized well for our academic achievements. I wish I could change the dress code though because it is very strict.
Im a current high school senior and my years at MV were pretty decent. Freshman year was a blur like the majority of other people. Sophomore and junior year were good. Not until senior year. Senior year is currently full of stress and work.
Medina Valley High School is very student involved. They believe that every student’s should be and feel involved within the community. The school is composed of great Academics and a challenging curriculum. Which I believe creates us students to work hard towards getting good grades.
Since the school is in a rural area it does have a strong sense of community. I was born and raised here and have attended school with a large amount of my classmates. Athletic programs are very competitive and subject to extreme favoritism.
MV allows opportunities to gain FREE college credits and has a program in place where if you are well behaved and have good grades and attendance you get to miss the last week of school (meaning no finals) and miss some days near the end of the year.
assistance when students are getting bullied. i personally have experienced bullying and when i went to the counselor they did not do anything about it.
Medina Valley high school was the school I had graduated from as well been in that district for my whole grade school experience. Its located in the small town of Castroville, Texas so, you can imagine the number of students that went there. Despite the school being small, the teachers were all very passionate and enthusiastic in what they taught and strived for all students to succeed and do better. Due to the size, the budget of the district wasn't very much but we made do and were very thankful for what we had. Since graduated in 2017 I've heard it's continuing to grow and becoming a more successful school than what it use to be.
This school has several opportunities to try new educational and career activities. Duel credit courses that give you college credit and clubs that engage you whatever your career choice: BPA(Business Professionals of America), Cyberpatriot(cyber security), and UIL(university interscholastic league) are just a few examples.
Medina Valley is a great public school to go to. It is a 20 minute drive from my house and a very nice school. The teachers are nice and teach the material they need to. The athletics at Medina Valley are really amazing and the coaches are great and have much potential in making great teams!
In medina Valley, teachers try to accommodate your schedule and work with you. they are there all the time to help you succeed. there is no reason that you will not be able to get help. Also, the administration is amazing and create an environment that promotes a "growth mindset" for teachers and students. Lastly, I never feel unsafe. the SRO, officer Aguilar, will make his presence known throughout the school and converse with everyone!
Medina Valley High School is a great small town school, which has a great everybody knows everybody feel. The diversity and school culture here is out of this world, and the academics and athletics show for it. We as a student body love to get better every day, and always strive for improvement in every subject, and love particapating in our community. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else
I've been to two districts. Before I moved to medina valley I noticed how cruel people can be. My sister had experienced bullying when she was in elementary and she became very self conscious and would say terrible things about herself. We informed the principle and staff and they did nothing about. Everytime they dismissed it and said that there was nothing they could do. We eventually moved and my sister was happier and she doesnt allow herself or others to degrade her. She has real friends who treat her right and shes happy now. I've seen a difference in the community at medina valley ISD and I'm glad I go to school here
I’ve attended Medina Valley since 7th grade and I’ve really enjoyed the school. The most of the teachers are great and they have dual credit classes so you can get college class credits while in high school.
Great place and community that values a culture of excellence. Caring administration with a slightly outdated phone policy. Amazing teacher that prepare us for our future.
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Last year!!! I'm out. Pretty nice for a high school. Love to be there sometimes and not all the time. But what student likes school when they are in school, we don't appreciate it until we are out during the summer. XOXO
What I love the most about my school is the Teacher's , they are very helpful , and they take the time out with students .
I moved to Medina Valley my sophomore year. I’ve always been a very shy person but when i got to this school, i immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. People were super sweet and helpful, my sophomore year was great and i loved this school better than the one i went to before. One thing that also caught my attention, was our school spirit, it was amazing seeing how active the students and staff were in the school. I am going on to be a senior on my third year at this school, and they discipline very hard here which is great because students will know the consequences of their actions before. One thing i would change are the teachers, they pick and choose favorites.
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