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Most of the teachers are helpful and able to teach the material well to their classes. It is a very large school with few elective classes.
Medina is a wonderful high school to attend. It was always a small drama, well behaved student school for me and I attended from 2013-2017. I also stayed uninvolved with other students though so...
Medina High School is an excelling sports program for just about everything except football. Academics wise they offer just about every flavor of CCP, AP, and honors varieties for every class; including computer science. They also have a dizzying amount of elective including: business, engineering drafting, psychology, multiple workshop classes, and as many arts as you can imagine, including ceramics. On top of this, they have an attentive staff of teachers and counselors at the ready, and extremely cleanly hallways and classrooms which is surprising for a school its size. As for college readiness, I feel like I have been full pushed to my limits through their challenging score of classes I have never gone through an honors class and disliked my teacher. If they aren't good people they are at least good teachers.
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My overall experience at Medina High School has been very good! The teachers, clubs, sports, and administration makes the school very welcomeing. At the end of a long day, when you leave Medina High after a long day, you look back at the school and call it your home away from home.
Medina High School has a very impressive teaching staff. Most of my teachers were very personable and patient. MHS also makes many efforts to boost school pride and overall morale, which helps to create a very happy and unified environment.
I like how Medina High School teachers really focus on making sure all students are prepared for tests, quizzes, exams, and for their next year of schooling.
I felt the school really prepared me for my future, I always felt included with every club, or activity I participated in. The students and staff were always so helpful in every situation making my high school career great.
Most people that attend this school are very friendly and the teachers are great everyone there wants the best for you and your future overall it’s a fantastic school.
I would like to tell a story that stuck with me. I had a neighbor that went to Medina high school then had to transfer to another school in the state. She was gay and talked to me how she had never had anything said to her about being gay at Medina but doesn’t go a day without hearing horrible comments at her new school. I feel pride in our school that we make sure no one ever is spoken down to, when hearing bullying someone always stands up and makes sure to stop the matter. We never let anyone stand alone.
Medina High School was composed of a great and friendly staff. I would like to see a more college course offered throughout the high school as well as more preparation for a college work load.
I loved how connected everyone was. It felt like the students and faculty/staff were all one big family. Every day was always exciting and the teachers always engaged the students and encouraged us to push our academic boundaries.
Sporting events were a lot of fun. It all depended on what teachers you got to determine what grade you'll get. Some teachers treated it like an elementary class and gave away easy points; others would make it like a college class. There is a pretty good class choice selection, and class sizes are no more than 30 people.
I would like to see more student-driven activities. It is really hard to get around administration if you want to see something about the school change. The principals are not really involved with student life and only seem to put rules in place. I like that you can tell that some teachers love their job and take their students' concerns seriously. I would like to see more diversity in staff, we currently only have one black teacher and one asian teacher. This is mainly because of the location of the school but it still matters. Another thing I'd like to see change is the freedom students have over taking classes. I cannot sign up for a couple classes that I want to because of the clashing schedules. Students should be able to expect to take the classes they want to instead of choosing between them. This affects the quality of our education and our overall satisfaction.
Great school, there’s is so much room rock grow and explore new subjects. Join a multitude of teams and clubs, as well as a wide variety of classes that one can take! Worth every of then 4 years!
Many Choices. Free/reduced lunches. Great resources/facilities. Teachers: passionate and fun in most cases. Dress code: common sense, a non-issue.

Administration: aloof and unaware, punish instead of help victims in some cases. Lunch: bad, but average for a school, wish they would use reusable trays, and make more homemade food. Students: Cliques are prevalent and with them the stereotypical mannerisms. Safety: spend too much money in the name of safety that don't help anything, creates a guise of safety, shifts the blame away from schools
I loved how focused, respected, and professional their music programs have been. All of my teachers have been super educated, carefully selected, and incredibly helpful. They truly made sure we know they want us to succeed and they are willing to bend over backwards to help in any way that they can. Something that I would change is the food. It's certainly not the most important part of school, but it's still important for us to be fed so that we can focus, and a lot of the time, the food is not appealing.
I really enjoy the relationships I have with my teachers. Several of them have shown a great interest in my fellow students as well as myself. They have 'brought me out of my shell' by suggesting I get involved in Latin club.
They have also peaked my interest in several courses especially physics, Latin, and history
It is because of these fine people that I am pursuing a teaching degree at college
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Medina high school is full of many wonderful opportunities such as our countless clubs, sports teams, and multiple language classes.
Excellent High School! Wonderful school system great academic and college programs. Best in Medina County !
I enjoyed the sense of community and how welcoming everyone is. The teachers are all very helpful and even if a stupid question is asked they know how to help.
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