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Medina High School is pretty good for a small town public school. The teachers, for the most part, try their best to accommodate for every student's needs. As someone who has a lot of medical issues, that leads me to miss school, the school tries their best to adjust to individual's needs and circumstances. There are quite a few AP courses offered here and even a college readiness program-AVID. There's quite a few opportunities in regards to after school activities and athletics. Nearly every year, at least one sport ends up winning League.
The school offers many AP and AS classes and gives students many academic opportunities to learn and succeed. The discipline policy needs work and the administration needs to be open to suggestions from students.
Medina high school is not under control. Everybody does nothing but get away with bullying and I'd like to see it change.
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I've had a great time in high school. My grades were always kept up and if i had trouble in a subject the teachers had no problem staying after or seeing me in a free period to help!
The teachers at this high school know how be professional. They are strict on their grades and encourage any and every student to do their best they can. When there are troubled students who are having a hard time, the teachers are there to help!
There weren't many clubs when I was there. The gay-straight alliance only had about three to five members at a time, and nothing really got done. Not many students participated in after-school activities aside from marching band or sports.
Medina High School is a pretty standard rural, small-town school. The football team was really popular, and the school's FFA was very involved in community programs and volunteering. I think that I would choose this school again, but I would be more involved in clubs and organizations.
There are some teachers, as with any school, that don't really seem as friendly as others. Not all teachers integrate different types of teaching styles (visual, examples, hands-on). Because it was a very small school, a lot of the teachers showed interest in the students, and created relationships with them.
I feel very safe but there are some students who make me feel unsafe
Extremely encouraged

A lot of motivation from coaches
Some negatives here and there

Overall is amazing
Very engaged with the students

Happy to help
The school system is great. The teachers on the other hand.
I believe there needs to be a stronger college prep program. Would like to see others win scholarships, since mostly teachers children win.
there is bullying, the school lunches taste bad and look bad and the heating in the school is very bad
the building is in very good shape
some parents are too hard on their kids
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most teachers hear what students have to say
lots a students are involved in after school activities but more could be involved
good sports teams and somewhat good facilities
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