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Medicine Lodge Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I think teachers are sometimes unprofessional. It is very difficult ti be professional when we live in such a small community. I think it is something that could be worked on. We have a lot of resources to help us out with just about everything. There are programs for after school help, for kids who need food over breaks, and for kids that are interested in other thing besides sports. Teachers can sometimes have favorites. Because we are so small a lot of students and parents are related. I think that is a good thing and a bag thing. Some kids are given more than others or just better treatment in general.
It is located in the little town of Medicine Lodge. I liked going there. The students were always generous and nice. The teachers were very helpful and always eager to help with challenges.
Accidemicly the teaching is great however, the school is largely white conservative, and in the matter of sports they do terrible.
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The scheduling process was very easy, but there is not a wide range of classes available. I felt I was pushed down the same path as other students who weren't wanting the same things as me. The teachers were always available if I ever needed some help, or someone I could talk to.
I think it is a little sad that the school does not have a school nurse. In some cases, a nurse would be great to have at the school, but the office secretaries have to play nurse, as well as perform their own tasks.
The school spirit has dwindled in the past few years. Some of the atheletes also think they are better than non-atheletes. That occasionally led to some bullying, and dividing into cliques.
In some ways I felt prepared for college, but in others, such as money managment, I did not have a clue on how to do those things. I did feel prepared in for the classroom, though.
I honestly wouldn't have traded anything as far as extracurriculars went. I honestly believe that there was something for every student and if there wasn't, you could find someway to be a part of something bigger.
I think that diversity at my high school wasn't something that was thought about. We didn't have much of it and when someone was new that became more relevant. I honestly think that they are too narrow-minded for a small school.
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