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Medicine & Community Health Academy at Cody Reviews

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It Was very very very fun and interesting
I learnt alot about the school and would be delighted to be given a scholarship. Thank You
I liked the involvement from all the stag and students. Being at Cody was my best decision, I’ve gotten to meet cool people like Michael B Jordan and many others! Academics was the main topic that was stressed, because that’s what mattered the most.
Medicine and Community health is a inner city urban school lacking diversity and resources for student . Student are cheated out of a college ready education and forced to settle for less. I think tha seemed more parent involment and more arts classes as well as well equipped teachers that can teach material so that student will understand and actually learn. My experience has been okay but it could’ve been better.
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The teachers in the school are focused on helping the students graduate. I would like to see more after school activities for the students to engage in
I have been attending Cody medicine and Community Health Academy for three years now. At Cody I have been expose to a lot of different things as far as colleges, leadership roles, and medical opportunities. My high schools years at Cody has taught me that even though your back ground maybe tough your can excel in any circumstance or situation.
I like that it has a good curriculum and a lot of fun and helpful programs there are great teachers but the school is very strict with a lot of things it does
I love Cody the best school ever. My freshman year I imaged it'll be bad because of its reputation. I think the staff could be more helpful in the work environment
Medicine And Community Health is a wonderful school but it has its rough edges. We need more resources, food plans, and Community service opinions. With all of these things many students are struggling to get pass.Also the student don't care about there cause other students who do to get dragged down. With that a lot of student are giving up asking for help and losing interest in school.
My experience at Cody high school has been interesting. There are teachers at this school who genuinely care about and believe in the potential of the students, which translates into their teaching. The only thing I could say that I dislike about my experience there is the students. But seeing as this is a high school, that is to be expected.
My experience at Cody MCH has been terrible. The staff is unprofessional, the teachers do not teach to the best of their ability, it is also not necessarily a college prep school.
My niche experience has been great i love the fact thta i can apply to so many scholarships without having to do so many essays.
There are alot of good teachers, coaches, and staff that care deeply about the students. However there is no money the building is falling apart, there are mise and roatches, and the things we learn are behind.
What I like about Cody is that they have good programs, like Firefighter program, CNA and other programs to help you with your career path. The teachers at Medicine and Community Health are very helpful and caring.
My school experience has been very professional. I go to school to get my work done and do what's needed for me to graduate. I'm not a very social person so I don't really talk to people. The reason I wouldn't it again is because it was okay the first and is not needed to be done over.
The teachers at my school do what they have to and teach us what we need to know. They also add real life situations into lessons , so that most kids could understand better. They do the extra and help us outside of school.
Its bad, the teachers dont care and there are fights everyday
I love this school. It has so many different opportunities for incoming students such as Certified Nursing Assistant program EMT/ firefighter program with supportive teachers and the principal is open to know what you want and what you would like to see at the school. She works hard and tries her best to fit everything in for you!
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WE have fitness prigrams every month it be really fun to do.
The teacherz are very nice and very respectful.
The staff in the office is very helpful
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