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While at this school I can say I really enjoyed that it was a small community with kids that have been there since the school opened. It was a little family at school, with drama, heartbreaks, lessons, and just an open environment to be yourself. This school was a home away from home. There were teachers that treated you as if you were there own kid. They gave you one on one and treated you with respect. From 6- 12 grade I can honestly say that it was a blessing being able to attend a tiny small community school like this one.
The academic part of the syllabus was wonderful, however the College Career Readiness was a failure for Seniors. that department lack of interest for their seniors future.
Terrible school, would not recommend it! The students are very rude and disrespectful. The staff are irresponsible and could careless about students who are bullied and depressed. The school is unorganized. Coming to this school was the worst mistake ever.
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Good school with new equipment and new building. Teachers will help struggling students. Activism is strong advocated in this school.
This school offers a lot of potential, however they have recently had a merge with another CREC school, and have now become predominantly STEM school. Nonetheless, the teachers in the high school are wonderful, they push their students, and provide any resources and assistance the students request for. In addition, The administration is wonderful, and are committed to the students' success.
MPTPA is a wonderful institution. It got me a full ride to UConn. Teachers start to teach like professors when the students become upperclassmen. There are multiple after school clubs and programs for everybody.
My experience at Med ed Prep was okay. I liked that the school gives opportunities for medical internships, as well as teacher internships, which is a great way to gain experience in the medical and teaching fields. I would like to change the fact that the school has changed its name to Academy of Science and Innovation and made so many other changes. It was a bit of an inconvenience for students to find out their junior year of high school that the school is changing into a more STEM focused learning environment, when that was not what they originally had signed up for when they first enrolled into the school. Overall my experience at the school was great, I learned so many things that I am now ready to take with me to college and apply to the real world.
I loved MPTPA, senior year it changed into a STEM school so I was not to happy about this change but other than this I loved the school.
I like that my school incorporates the medical and teaching aspects in the school curriculum that will prepare us for a career in our near future. Also, recently we combined our school with another magnet school, Two Rivers, and I like the new activities the school has put in place to try to make new students feel welcome and tear down the wall of tension built up from both schools.
I LOVE the teachers. They really care about the student's emotional well-being and academic success. Very high quality staff. The administration leaves much to be desired. They incorporated all these new rules that are impractical and unnecessary to student learning. They have good intentions but are condescending and treat the high school students like we are five years old. The principal, Mr. McCain, will say one thing and do another. The school has the potential to be really good in like 10 years, but right no they are trying to figure out how to run a school and get it off the ground.
I wanted to go to a school that was challenging and was associated with my interest. This school did both. Since I was little I wanted to be a doctor and I knew that this school I went to was a great first step to exposing me to my interest in the medical field. The teachers are great, the school is small (which I liked), and they have a lot of class that exposes you to medicine or teaching. They recently started adding sports and more clubs or extracurricular activities to the school as well that I loved.
I enjoy going to my school. I find that it is much easier to connect with teachers because it isn't as big as a public high school.
The school in general is okay, but in 2016 so many changes were made that some students left the school because of that.
I am currently a freshman at Academy of Science and Innovation (Formerly Medical Professions and Teacher Preparation Academy) I find that the new administration will hand out write-ups, In school suspensions, and out of school suspensions if they do not agree if anything that you do. There are not a lot of sports. The only sports are Soccer, Volleyball, Track, and Ultimate Frisbee. Some of my peers at ASI find that the teachers are decent but I do not like the teachers. They are dull and boring. There are not a lot of clubs or at all. There are plenty of resources at ASI such as smartboards and windows laptops.
I feel that administration sucks and that they really need to make the best choice of keeping in mind the student's wishes and respect. Not only do they need help in administration, they need help with their teachers.
Teachers are young and willing to help. They are better here than anywhere else.
All students' health needs are met and are well taken care of in case of an emergency.
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There are a variety of things for students to be involved in.
Med-Ed Prep is a great option for any student with leadership capabilities.
There are really no health or safety issues in this school
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