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I like that the teachers treat me like an individual. The variety of classes is well-rounded, with plenty of extra-curricular activities to suit everyone.
AP courses and teachers are fantastic. School is focused more on getting kids into the workforce, military, technical school, or 2 year college rather than 4 year colleges which can make the college application process more difficult.
My experience at Medical Lake High School was a pretty average experience because I feel that there were a lot of things needing to be worked on. The staff varied when it came to professionalism, effective teaching and respect to the students. Some were very kind and did their job effectively, but others were rude and unprofessional. Plus, most of the school was unprepared for many different events and situations. Though, I will say the school provided a lot of opportunities and did a lot for its community.
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Lovely teachers and caring faculty. A wonderful education program that has served me greatly the last 3 years. Not only did I have a wonderful high school experience because of them, but I have also gained knowledge that I would deem invaluable for my future success.
I enjoyed the overall community of this school and district as it is very involved, however I would improve academics as I struggled in school with limited resources for that extra help that I needed.
The administration tends to horribly out of touch with the realities of the modern world, but the educators are top quality, especially for a small, public school.
It is a small school. The football team is abysmal, however, the school very good at preparing its students for college. Although they can overreact to some things, they care about all of their students.
I like that the school is small, and there is often a feeling of community that I haven't seen at other high schools I attended. However, I feel like the staff often dismisses ideas the students propose without explaining why, and I think that if they did explain, it would be nice. Also, the food can definitely improve.
I loved that medical lake was a small school and the teachers cared! I was a student there my junior and senior year and I absolutely loved it. I was in track and the coaches were amazing. They were dedicated to the kids and they loved what they did. I wanted to go into automotive and they helped me get into Skill Center and provided transportation.
It was a very amazing 4 years at MLHS. Little to no bullying in this school, everyone knows everyone, and the teachers are very good to you. They are there to help you, not hurt you.
The students, teachers, and administrators are friendly and often go out of their way to create a general sense of camaraderie in the halls. Course selection is limited as the school is fairly small, but student have the option to take the course online or independently.
Good school, good robotics, good band, good teachers, okay administration. Food has gone downhill recently, and the sports arent great unless you do track/cross country, but the clubs are really strong and usually are the some of the best teams you can find.
Medical Lake High School has been a great place for my son to attend high school. Where it is lacking in diversity and cultural representation, it has made up for in particular teachers who are in touch with important topics and cultural awareness. The counselors and coaching staff have been very supportive of our family. The community support for Medical Lake sports is awesome too. It really has been an all-around good, focused, safe place for my son's education.
It was a great experience, I met very many people and earned life skills. medical lake is a family. Everyone genuinely cares for one another, it's a very special school for that reason.
My experience with Medical Lake High is astounding because of the atmosphere their makes you feel welcome. The teachers and students help you with problems either with school or personal. So its reliving knowing someone will always be their for you. Everyday that you don't want to be at school their will always someone to put a smile on your face. My overall experience is great I am hoping it will always be this way. Medical High School is INCREDIBLE.
I really like working with leadership. They show a ton of spirit and energy. Sports is way too political and doesn't allow for talent to be the deciding factor. Overall our school is a close knit environment that allows students to grow up together. However, that doesn't allow for more clubs and activities.
The school is nice and the teachers care, it really helped boost me to join running start and has been a very encouraging school district.
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My experience at Medical Lake High School has been very enjoyable. I came in the high school my freshman year thinking that I would have a rough start and never get my feet under me, with Medical Lake High School being such a small school it is very easy to get around the school and learn the fastest ways to class. My confidence grew the most that year, but it still continues to grow more and more as I get older. The teachers at Medical Lake High School are all willing to work with you if you are willing to work with them. Medical Lake High School has so many different sports and clubs to be apart of, I have played baseball for the past four years and the coaches and other players have helped me grow as a player and as a leader. The counselors at Medical Lake are always kept busy with everything that they have to handle and they still find time out of their busy schedule to meet with people. Overall Medical Lake High School is a perfect school for a perfect little town.
Like every high school it has its low points but overall Medical Lake is a pretty fantastic school to go to. The teachers and administration are really involved with their students and honestly care if their students pass and understand the material; if you don’t understand the material the teachers are really great at helping you through the process. The clubs and activities in Medical Lake are pretty well organized and have quite a diverse bunch of kids considering it’s really close to a military base. The kids that come to Medical lake are great as well, they are all eager to learn and don’t absolutely dread coming to school. Medical Lake High School is a great environment to be.
My school is safe. Safe from sickness spreading and safe from any danger thanks to staff and a sheriff.
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