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Medical Lake High School Reviews

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Overall, Medical Lake High School is a good school. The teachers are super friendly and willing to help you with any problems you come across
The students are also very welcoming because they are used to getting new students all the time.
I moved from a large district to the small community of Medical Lake at the beginning of my freshman year. Even though there are issues with bullying, it is the best school I've ever attended.
Small school, very average. Great small town community. There are a lot of opportunities for kids that are bright, work hard, and are passionate.
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The teachers are good at their subjects and the students are friendly. Though some classes have a heavy workload. The school has great teachers. They are the best part of the school. The students are respectful and is overall a safe environment.
It is an excellent school! Nice staff, student, and people. People always cares about staff, students, and people. This school is very peaceful and feel very safe. Bad crime is rare in this school based on my thoughts. The staff promised to makes students to success in their life if students are hard-working and being positive. Mean teachers are actually good teachers, because they are really push students harder to give them a chance to be successful. There are many sports you can play in Medical Lake High School. Bad thing about this school is too much homework like everyone said.
The school has great academic programs and ways for students to express themselves with clubs like drama, soccer, bowling, football, tennis, band, choir, etc.
Had a terrible high school experience spent a very small amount of my time learning and a lot of my time getting bullied by students and teachers alike.
Most of the staff at this school is amazing! The community is a wonderful one to be a part of, but the students at this school often lack motivation.
We have a lot of sprit here at Medical Lake. Every year we play a sprit game agasit a local school and win by a long shot. Its also really hard to tell who our validorions are casue we are all really competive when it comes to book smart. Being in a small town there really is no differents in grade when itt comes to making friends. We have an air froce base close to our school distict so we get to see all the cool trainings and take tours/flights on the base. With the base come new students and old ones leaveing so we are really accpeting of new students. We also have a JROTC that a big part of the school.
Overall, I believe that Medical Lake is very tight-knit community and there is always someone there to help you when you are in a tough situation. My experience might be different than someone new to the city, but I have grown up here and made the closest friends I ever will. All the sports programs and music programs are very supported by the district and are a lot of fun. If I had to change something, I would change some of the staff. There are a few staff members that handle situations in a bad way and give off a certain attitude towards some students that might make some uncomfortable or upset. Other than that, I am happy to be a student at Medical Lake High School.
I like that the teachers treat me like an individual. The variety of classes is well-rounded, with plenty of extra-curricular activities to suit everyone.
AP courses and teachers are fantastic. School is focused more on getting kids into the workforce, military, technical school, or 2 year college rather than 4 year colleges which can make the college application process more difficult.
My experience at Medical Lake High School was a pretty average experience because I feel that there were a lot of things needing to be worked on. The staff varied when it came to professionalism, effective teaching and respect to the students. Some were very kind and did their job effectively, but others were rude and unprofessional. Plus, most of the school was unprepared for many different events and situations. Though, I will say the school provided a lot of opportunities and did a lot for its community.
Lovely teachers and caring faculty. A wonderful education program that has served me greatly the last 3 years. Not only did I have a wonderful high school experience because of them, but I have also gained knowledge that I would deem invaluable for my future success.
I enjoyed the overall community of this school and district as it is very involved, however I would improve academics as I struggled in school with limited resources for that extra help that I needed.
The administration tends to horribly out of touch with the realities of the modern world, but the educators are top quality, especially for a small, public school.
It is a small school. The football team is abysmal, however, the school very good at preparing its students for college. Although they can overreact to some things, they care about all of their students.
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I like that the school is small, and there is often a feeling of community that I haven't seen at other high schools I attended. However, I feel like the staff often dismisses ideas the students propose without explaining why, and I think that if they did explain, it would be nice. Also, the food can definitely improve.
I loved that medical lake was a small school and the teachers cared! I was a student there my junior and senior year and I absolutely loved it. I was in track and the coaches were amazing. They were dedicated to the kids and they loved what they did. I wanted to go into automotive and they helped me get into Skill Center and provided transportation.
It was a very amazing 4 years at MLHS. Little to no bullying in this school, everyone knows everyone, and the teachers are very good to you. They are there to help you, not hurt you.
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